5 reasons to replace your old washing machine right now

Up your laundry game with the help of Hotpoint and AO

A brand new washing machine in room with storage
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Is your old washing machine up to the task of managing all your laundry needs?    

If your machine can’t handle the stains anymore, or you’re curious to see if there’s an option more adept at saving energy amidst rising utility costs, it might be a good time to welcome a new washing machine into your home. Washing machines have come a long way in the past decade, with new technology and features that wash better, faster, and gentler. Here are five reasons to replace your appliance sooner rather than later.

1. They are tough on stains, kind to your clothes

Stains are part of life, but with the right washing machine stains can be easily removed so you can wear your favourite clothes time and time again. Hotpoint’s ActiveCare washing machine offers best-in-class for stain removal. ActiveCare  has been independently tested for its ability to remove over100 stains at a protective low temperature of just  20 degrees*, including the usual suspects like pizza and coffee. Washing at low temperatures is a kinder way to clean your clothes, keeping colours bright and fabrics good as new. 

A washing machine with pile of laundry on top

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2. They will make your clothes more hygienic

If you are worried about lingering bacteria and allergens on your clothes (aren’t we all, these days?), Hotpoint’s ActiveCare washing machine has an Allergy UK endorsed Steam Hygiene cycle It blasts steam directly into the drum at the end of the cycle, removing 99.9% of bacteria and allergens without any added chemicals.

3. Greater washing flexibility 

The latest washing machines come with much more room for versatility, allowing you to tailor the washing to your needs. Hotpoint’s ActiveCare washing machine comes with a  Rapid option that reduces the wash duration by 50% without compromising results. It’s also an app connected machine. Not only can you start, pause, and stop the wash cycle from anywhere, but Download Cycles allows you to programme new additional wash cycles directly from the Hotpoint app, so you can cater your wash cycle to suit your load.

A close-up of a washing machine control dial

(Image credit: Hotpoint)

4. They have a larger capacity

Is your washing machine constantly running to keep up with the ever growing laundry pile? Machines now come in larger capacities; Hotpoint’s 11kg washing machine  should cover even  the largest households, saving you the need to endlessly run cycle after cycle. Don’t worry if you don’t fill the drum completely, though – there are different programmes for different wash loads, so if you decide to run a small load, the machine will adjust its cycle accordingly.

5. New washing machines save you energy and water

Washing machines are much smarter in how they use energy and water these days. The Hotpoint ActiveCare is energy efficient and consumes on average just 205 kW of energy per year. This is good news for your energy bill, and the environment. The washing machine also has an Eco option, which reduces energy consumption by up to 20%.. 

If you’re wondering where you get your brand-new washing machine, AO is a good place to look. The retailer has a price match guarantee Delivery is fast, a fitting service is available, and the company has excellent reviews on Trustpilot.

* Results obtained on Anti Stain 40°C program and ActiveCare option activated. Examples of stains tested: pizza, coffee, pen ink, milk with cacao, bronzer, mud

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