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Replacement Crittall Windows

Crittall Windows were one of the original and most renowned steel window originating well over 100 years ago and are found on many buildings dating back to the early 1900’s. However, as time has moved on, technology has developed at an alarming rate and Aluminium Windows are now the industry standard for heritage properties.

Aluminium is much lighter than its steel counterpart which can provide many benefits over the original Crittall Windows. The weight and ease of machining allows for a slimmer profile with less intrusion over sightlines. They can also offer much improved energy efficiency when combined with the correct insulation and are much stronger than their uPVC counterparts.

Being lighter with slimmer profiles also has other benefits. The smaller frame allows for larger glass which in turn allows my light into your home than ever before. They also allow for more flexible windows options and usage.

All windows can be fixed direct to stone or inserted within existing timber frames by The Heritage Window Company's skilled tradesmen to ensure that all of your properties original features are maintained – whilst security and insulation are much improved.

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