My energy bills were really high last winter.

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With winter just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about cutting cold-weather energy costs. Over 80% of a home’s energy consumption is used for heating and hot water, so looking at new ways of controlling this can have a big impact on your bills.

A smart multi-room heating system is a great long-term investment that will save you money as well as make your home more comfortable, by only heating the rooms you’re using and to the temperatures you prefer. In fact, according to BEAMA adding smart controls to your heating system can save over 40% in running costs and a 25% reduction in energy bills.*

Systems like Wiser from Drayton use intelligent radiator thermostats to create individual heating zones, so you can set different room temperatures throughout your home. This means you can fix the temperature in the living room to 20°C for example, but have cooler bedroom temperatures for sleeping and lower temperatures in empty spare rooms to save energy.

By controlling which rooms are heated and to what temperature using radiator thermostats, you can save an estimated 20% on your energy costs, compared to using a smart thermostat system alone. You can boost these savings even further by choosing a system that learns how your home reacts to temperature changes and outside weather conditions, and then finds the most economical way of running your heating.

App-controlled smart heating systems have the added benefit of allowing you to remotely turn your heating off or delay it from coming on when your plans change, helping you to avoid wasting energy and money by heating an empty home.

Wiser is suitable for use with combi and conventional heating systems, with kits available to control heating only or heating and hot water. Recommended retail prices for Wiser start from £139.99 for a Thermostat Kit 1 (room thermostat, heat hub and app) and £219.99 for a Multi-zone Kit 1 (room thermostat, heat hub, app and two radiator thermostats). Individual Wiser radiator thermostats retail at £44.99. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

For more information on Wiser, visit wiser.draytoncontrols.co.uk or follow @DraytonHome on Twitter.

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