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Wrap yourself in one of Beaumount & Brown’s divine Duck, Goose or Microfibre Duvets and lie back on some perfectly plump Beaumont & Brown Pillows and truly know what a good night's sleep is.

Whatever your preference, their bedding is simply divine! Lovers of the finer things in life will adore the sheer decadence of ultra light and cosy Siberian Goose down in an snuggly 10.5 rating- perfect for getting cosy of a chilly Winter’s night. For those who crave a balance of a lightweight texture with the flexibility to regulate heat in the changing seasons, their European Duck Down duvets are available in a cosy 10.5 tog or a cooler 4.5 tog for those temperate British summer evenings!

More forgiving on the purse strings but no less decadent is their fabulous Savoy range. Made from a carefully engineered blend of European Duck Feather and Duck Down, these duvets offer something truly substantial to snuggle down into, offering a tempting mixture of warmth and comfort.

For those prone to allergies or who simply prefer the concept of synthetic bedding, our Microfibre is the perfect choice. Carefully crafted to replicate down, it offers a light, airy alternative and is also available in a 10.5 tog or 4.5 tog, so you can slumber in blissful peace year round.

Aim for the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had by resting your head on Beaumount & Brown’s equally sumptuous pillows. For front sleepers, our pure duck down pillows are so soft and pliable, they mould perfectly to the shape of your head. Their best selling Savoy feather and down pillows are a favourite with luxury hotels such as The Limewood. Offering medium firm support, they make the ideal choice for side sleepers. Alternatively their firmer Microfibre pillows are fabulous if you prefer to use a single pillow that offers support but remains soft and bouncy.

You can sleep even more soundly in the knowledge that all of Beaumount & Brown’s natural fill duvets and pillows NEVER contain feathers from animals that have been live-plucked and they’re all made right here in Britain. Sweet dreams!

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