Add value to your home with period appropriate windows

Replacing windows can be an expensive renovation project. It is therefore important to choose windows that will retain or add value to your property.

Choosing the right windows should help improve not only the thermal efficiency of your home, but also the appearance.  High quality windows should combine high levels of performance and durability, while also looking beautiful both from a distance and close-up.

Period Appropriate

Period appropriate windows can help improve the kerb appeal of your home.  Beautiful, high quality timber windows can provide a charm and add character to your property.

Installing period appropriate windows (opens in new tab) will also help add value to your property.  When buying a new home, buyers will often look to deduct money from the asking price for windows that are not sympathetic to the property.

Casement window bay by The Sash Window Workshop


With regular maintenance, timber windows can last a lifetime.  The longevity of timber windows means that they are better value for money compared to plastic windows, even when maintenance has been taken into account (source: Heriot Watt University (opens in new tab)).

A major advantage of timber windows is that any issues that do occur can often be repaired, if caught early, rather than requiring full replacement.

Timber windows will often come with a longer warranty than plastic windows, which often only come with a 10 year warranty.  If your windows are made in AccoyaTM, you will receive a 50 year anti-rot guarantee, in addition to any guarantees offered by the company replacing your windows.

Timber sash windows by The Sash Window Workshop

Thermal Efficiency

The majority of heat loss in a window comes from the glass panes.  However, heat loss can also be reduced by ensuring that gaps around the window, which enable the window to operate smoothly, are draught proofed.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you need to choose between the modern benefits of double glazing or preserving the character of your home.  Unless planning permissions prevent it, new timber windows should be double glazed and draught proofed on installation, helping to improve thermal efficiency and reduce the draughts in your home.

Timber window being manufactured by The Sash Window Workshop

Environmentally Friendly

Sustainably sourced timber is more environmentally friendly than plastic windows.  Timber from sustainably sourced and managed forests mean that trees are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally.  When checking whether the timber is sourced sustainably, look out for the FSC logo or logos from similar organisations.  The FSC ensures that the forest is protected including protecting rare animals, plants and sacred sites for the local indigenous people.

The manufacture of timber windows is also better for the environment than the manufacture of plastic windows.  For example, did you know that for every timber window you install instead of a plastic window, you save around 160kgs of carbon dioxide (source: WWA (opens in new tab))?

Timber Window Company

The Sash Window Workshop (opens in new tab) have extensive experience replacing timber windows in period properties across London and the South. They can comply to conservation area and listed building requirements when necessary.

The Sash Window Workshop uses AccoyaTM timber as standard and are FSC certified.  The company’s windows are all bespoke and made to order in their Berkshire workshop.  Unless otherwise specified, their windows are double glazed and draught proofed as standard.

To obtain a free, no obligation quotation to replace your windows, contact The Sash Window Workshop on: 01344 868 668.

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