The most meaningful gift is a personalized painting from Paint Your Life

Gift a special someone a customized and handpainted painting done by a talented artist.

Gift an oil painting from Paint Your Life
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The pressure to find a unique and special gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversary, or birthday is immense. If you want to gift your loved one something that reflects how much they mean to you, turn to Paint Your Life.

Paint Your Life connects customers with their pool of artists to create one-of-a-kind paintings from photographs. They don't produce photographs printed on canvases, but rather 100% hand-painted, realistic paintings by experienced and talented artists. Ordering is a simple and easy process that results in a gift your loved one will cherish for life.

From January 10 to February 28, Paint Your Life is offering customers $70 off every order with coupon code HOME70.

How does Paint Your Life work? Read on.

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What You Need to Know

Spend time on Paint Your Life’s website and you’ll see moving testimonial videos that show how they’ve impacted thousands of customers and why they’re rated 5/5 on

Compilation portraits are the most popular order. It’s a method of uniting various people – even those who have never taken a photo together – into one portrait. For instance, I watched a woman unbox a special painting her husband commissioned of his wife’s late brother and their son, who never had the chance to meet.

Paint Your Life does a lot of family portraits, but you can order paintings of your beloved pet, wedding photo renderings, landscapes, and more.

Paint Your Life family painting

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The cost depends on the size of the painting which can be as small as 8 x 10 inches and as large as 48 x 72 inches. Custom sizes are available, but generally expect to pay between $189 to $519. Framing is an extra $49-$59. Comparatively, I paid $300 a couple of years ago to have a 24 x 36-inch painting framed at a well-known craft store.

Paint Your Life requires customers to only pay 20% of the cost when they place their order. The remaining balance is paid once you approve the online proof of the finished painting. Don’t like it? The artist will make revisions until you do.

Good news: shipping is free.

mother and baby Paint Your Life

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How to Order

Ordering a custom-made painting through Paint Your Life took me five minutes.

I started by clicking “Get Started” on the homepage, then chose one of the 20 themes (like ‘parent and child,’ ‘couple,’ ‘landscape,’ or ‘pets’) that best represented my picture.  

After that, I chose oil paint as the medium because it’s both beautiful and durable (and the most popular choice on Paint Your Life), though charcoal, watercolor, black or color pencil, pastel, and acrylic paint were also available.

I could then choose an artist I wanted to work with or let Paint Your Life choose one for me (I chose the latter). The Artist page also inquired if I wanted the artist to sign the painting and/or video record the painting process (for an extra $99). I added a few personal notes for the artist.

From there, I uploaded my photo, chose a size, entered my credit card information (PayPal and debit card are viable payment options, too), and my order was complete.

compilation portrait Paint Your Life

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How long does it take to receive the painting?

I received an email the next morning with edits to my photograph with the option to approve or “Ask for modification.” After approving the edits, I input my shipping address. That same day, I was informed by e-mail that the artist had begun my painting. 

It'll take 14 to 21 days to receive the painting. When it's ready, I'll approve the finished product (or ask for revisions), choose a frame, pay the remaining balance, and then wait for it to arrive so I can hang it proudly in my home.  

Paint Your Life family

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Satisfaction guaranteed

You’ll be happy to know that Paint Your Life guarantees satisfaction or 100% money back.

The only difficult thing about the whole process was deciding which photo I wanted painted. That is until I discovered that Paint Your Life offers up to $500 in store credits if I share a video unboxing my painting. That’s enough to order a second painting – or two.

Start saving

Enjoy an exclusive discount at Paint Your Life using the coupon code HOME70 for $70 off every order between January 10-February 28. International and domestic shipping is free.

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