5 things everyone asks before installing underfloor heating

Those who have experienced the luxury of underfloor heating often want to install it in their own homes, but may have a few queries before they commit. Here we look at the most frequently asked questions

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Underfloor heating has so many benefits, but as it is still less common than other heating choices, people have a lot of queries. If you are undertaking a building or home makeover project, there are plenty of reasons to consider installing underfloor heating – doing away with radiators that get in the way being just one of them. 

So, for those at the point of choosing heating options, it is time to put those myths you have heard about underfloor heating aside. Underfloor heating experts Uponor, share the questions they are most frequently asked by their customers.

Will my energy bills rise if I install underfloor heating?

A common misconception is that underfloor heating is expensive to run because you are heating a larger expanse. However, quite the opposite is true – water-based underfloor heating is in fact cheaper to operate because the water only needs to be heated to around 30–40°C while radiators need the water to be 60–70°C. Heating the water to the lower temperatures needed for underfloor heating could save you 15–40% on your energy bills.

Underfloor heating is also well-design to be zoned, space by space, meaning you only heat the areas you need to. Smart heating controls can help you make the most of this capability to get the best efficiency out of your system.

Can I only install underfloor heating downstairs?

While screed versions of underfloor heating will need to be poured onto a solid floor, there are other options that don’t involve the excavation of the floor and can therefore be used upstairs. Look for low-profile overlay systems or heat plates that can be used anywhere in the home and are a brilliant retrofit choice for renovations.

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Uponor Minitec Underfloor Heating contains an installation height of only 15mm – one of the lowest on the market – making it perfect for retrofit heating

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Can I use underfloor heating and radiators to heat my home?

Underfloor heating can be paired with radiators and is a common set-up when people only add underfloor heating to a new space like an extension. While underfloor heating is the preferred option for larger, frequently used spaces, if you have a room that doesn’t see enough traffic to benefit then radiators are fine.

Is underfloor heating safe for pets?

Underfloor heating is actually safer for your pets (and children) as the surface does not reach the high temperatures of other heat sources like radiators and electric heaters. It is also all hidden away, so no pipes or structures for inquisitive animals to hurt themselves on. What’s more, cats in particular love lying on a warm heated floor on cold days.

Will I need a new boiler to support my underfloor heating?

If your boiler is in good working order, there should be no need to replace it. If you are replacing radiators with underfloor heating, the heat output of your current boiler will be more than enough. If you are extending, ask your heating engineer to calculate the heat demand of the space for you – a bigger boiler is rarely needed, but they will let you know for sure.

Have you got any unanswered questions about underfloor heating? Check out Uponor’s Tea Break Guide to Underfloor heating.

Uponor Smatrix Pulse smart heating controls

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About Uponor:

Uponor UK are a leading provider of plumbing, underfloor heating and local heat distribution solutions for your home. With a range of solutions for both new builds and renovated properties, you are sure to find a solution for you. With smart control options – such as the Uponor Smatrix Pulse – you can integrate your heating with Amazon Alexa device and your smart home, for the most versatile control. Other benefits of choosing Uponor include a design and estimation service to help you shape your project and a 25 year guarantee on all non-electrical products.

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