5 simple ways to care for your timber windows

Taking care of your timber windows is essential for longevity, and will save you money in the long term. Plus, it’s easier than you might think...

how to care for timber windows
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Timber windows make a beautiful addition to a period property, and are often one of the traditional features that draws a homeowner to their home. But, they do require a little more TLC than the average set-up.

The trick with timber windows is to care for them effectively in order to avoid damage which will cause more hassle – and cost more money – in the long term. So, we’ve teamed up with Ventrolla, the period timber window experts, to share five easy ways to take care of your frames. They’re simple and  straightforward, but will make the world of difference. 

About Ventrolla

Ventrolla are the period timber window experts and market leaders, providing services that include renovation, draught-proofing, double glazing, secondary glazing and complete new timber windows.

1. Keep up with paintwork

While it can be tempting to put off painting, it’s essential for the maintenance of your timber windows. Failure to prevent timber from becoming exposed to the elements will lead to rot that could have been prevented.

For success, ensure you prime your windows properly and take care not to paint your windows shut – we’d advise tackling the job on a warm day when no rain is forecast and you can let your windows dry in their own time.

white painted timber windows by ventrolla

(Image credit: Ventrolla)

2. Open your windows regularly

This step is so simple that you really have no excuse not to get onboard. Something as straightforward as opening your windows regularly will ensure the mechanisms continue to run smoothly and prevent your windows from becoming stuck. It really is that easy.

white timber window by ventrolla

(Image credit: Ventrolla)

3. Don’t ignore condensation

If you live in a period property, you’ll likely be familiar with condensation. But are you dealing with it effectively? The process is pretty straightforward and will help to prevent damage to your windows.

If you notice a build up of condensation, it’s advisable to use your windows – by which we mean opening them – to help ventilate the room and clear moisture. This is important as condensation can pool, which will eventually lead to rotten windows and sills.

And if you have concerns about the warmth of your home, contact Ventrolla for draught-proofing services.

4. Check the outside of your windows too

For many of us, the first sign of problems with your timber windows are spotted from the inside. Perhaps you’ve noticed the wood rotting, or you’re unable to open your window one day. However, the first signs of deterioration are often visible from the outside, before they’re felt inside the home.

With this in mind, it’s advisable to keep an eye on your windows from the outside to flag problems before they get out of hand. Is there a leak dripping onto the windows? Can you see any exposed timber? Perhaps make an effort to do so every six months, or so.

Live in a top floor flat? Make an effort to poke your head out the window and have a good look, but ensure you’re doing so safely.

white painted timber windows by ventrolla

(Image credit: Ventrolla)

5. Resolve issues early to prevent deterioration

Much like most household maintenance, prevention is certainly better than cure. If you spot any signs of damage, we’d recommend seeking to tackle the issue as soon as possible in order to limit the amount of work necessary.

If you’re not sure what you’re doing, or where to get started, call on the help of Ventrolla. Carrying out over 18,600 sash window renovations every year, they’re well versed when it comes to tackling issues with a timber window. And whether your preference is for a traditional look, or you want to take a modern approach to the appearance of your timber windows, there are plenty of bespoke solutions to choose from.

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