Transform your home office with natural light

Brighten your WFH space and boost your well-being

A VELUX rooflight fills a work from home space with natural light
(Image credit: VELUX)

Filling a room with natural light is one of the simplest yet most effective ways of transforming it: it makes it brighter, more welcoming and more comfortable. But it goes deeper than that, sunlight pouring into your room is good for your well-being; it can boost your mood, give you more energy and help you focus.

Creating a space that is a pleasure to be in but also somewhere that you can concentrate has become so crucial to us all as our working patterns have shifted. First it was during the pandemic when we all had to stay home and dining tables –  or any flat surface that wasn’t being used for homeschooling – became desks.

Now, even though offices have reopened, we have embraced new, more flexible ways of working. Some of us are splitting our weeks between home and office, others are WFH entirely and enjoying a commute-free working lifestyle. Some have even embraced the opportunity to carve new career paths for themselves, emboldened by the ease of the switch to home working, and have struck out on their own.

Whatever your reasons for needing a permanent home office, upgrading the makeshift arrangements that saw us through lockdown into something more business-like – and more creatively stimulating – has become paramount.

A VELUX rooflight fills a work from home space with natural light

(Image credit: VELUX)

Location, location

First you need to find your space. It doesn’t necessarily need to be big, or even in a separate room – though that would be preferable – but it does need to be dedicated to your 9-5 tasks. This is an investment not only in your career, but in your comfort and happiness, so making it the best it can be will not only enhance your productivity but also your enjoyment of being at work.

If there are no rooms to spare, could the loft be converted? It has ample floor space and head space can be created. If you have an open-plan layout downstairs, is there a corner of the kitchen/
diner/living area where a desk could be incorporated alongside your units and cupboards. The bonus of this setup is its proximity to the coffee maker or kettle, so you can still have a quick Zoom chat with colleagues as you break for a brew.

A VELUX rooflight fills a work from home space with natural light

(Image credit: VELUX)

Let in daylight

The next step should be looking at ways of bringing in natural light. Light is proven to lift your mood, to make you feel less tired and more alert and energised, and it aids focus. If you have a roof window, it can give you the chance to rest your eyes and look at something other than a screen. If you have a rooflight, you can study the skyline or even track the day so you know when to clock off and not have your work merging into time you should be spending with your family or relaxing in your home (if it’s dark out, that’s your cue to switch off the laptop!). It can also provide ventilation, which could be essential to stop your room feeling stuffy on warm days.

Installing or retrofitting a skylight can be the most effective way to bring in daylight; whether it is on a flat roof or pitched, it will bring in up to three times more in the same area than vertical glazing. And they give a more even distribution of light, so there are no gloomy corners. A VELUX rooflight can be installed quickly – in around two days – with little disruption, and it is surprisingly affordable, costing from as little as £295 (excluding installation). Plus, the more you rely on natural light, the less you will have to depend on artificial light, saving energy and money off your bills.

A VELUX rooflight fills a work from home space with natural light

(Image credit: VELUX)

A place with purpose

When furnishing your room you need a good desk with ample room for a laptop, possibly a monitor and somewhere to charge the phone. Pair it with a comfortable chair that you’ve tried before buying to ensure it will provide the best support for your back, neck and arms.

Smart storage is an essential. Organised chaos is an oxymoron, and time can be wasted searching for things you need under piles of stuff that is far better sorted and put away. Whether it is in drawers or in files neatly arranged on open shelves, clear the clutter and clear your mind to allow you to concentrate.

Having a home office is the perfect opportunity to decorate it to suit you. Some people like a calm, organised space with neutral or earthy tones. Greens and blues are restful, which is good if you are looking to reduce stress, Light or white colours can create an environment free of distraction. Or you may respond to colour and vibrancy, and a palette that offers plenty of visual stimulation to enhance your creativity. Whatever your personal choice, try and find room for some plants. They not only add life to a space and offer the opportunity for a moment’s break as you tend to them, they are nature’s air purifier, making us feel less lethargic and even reducing allergy symptoms.

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