Care for your clothes the way you want with the Whirlpool® 2 in 1 washer with a removable agitator: part of the Lowe's List for Innovation

The new Whirlpool® washer exclusively from Lowe’s will innovate your laundry

whirlpool 2 in1 washer and dryer in kitchen
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Having earned Lowe’s List of Innovation 2021 badge, Whirlpool is changing the laundry game with an industry-first 2 in 1 washing machine with a removable agitator. This top-loading washing machine gives you the choice with every load between an agitator or impeller, allowing you to wash bulky items and get the best clean on clothes all in the same machine. Also equipped with many of Whirlpool’s most popular features, you can truly have the best of both worlds for your laundry.

Agitator vs. Impeller: Why not both? 

While many consumers have a preference, and a rather strong one at that, for agitator washers or impeller washers, many don’t understand how the two work and why both could be useful in getting the most out of their laundry. 

Put simply, an agitator works to break up tough stains as it twists and wrings out clothes during the cycle. An impeller, on the other hand, uses the clothes rubbing against each other to clean, uses considerably less water, and is gentler on clothes. Having an impeller also frees up more space in the washer for your big, bulky items, like comforters, pillows, and dog beds, while preventing blankets and sheets from getting tangled on the agitator.

Virtually everyone doing laundry is going to have both items best suited for an agitator and items that would fare better with an impeller, which is why the market is saturated with both types of washers. But what if you could have both?

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Whirlpool® Top Load Washer with 2 in 1 Removable Agitator 

Up until now, consumers have had to choose between an agitator or an impeller. However, this new 2 in 1 washer from Whirlpool means you don’t have to choose. You can keep the agitator in for your kid’s grass and dirt-stained baseball uniforms, and then easily remove the agitator, uncovering the impeller, which will wash your bedding without getting tangled or off balance. Your jeans can benefit from the agitator, while your delicates benefit from the gentle impeller wash.

The Whirlpool® 2 in 1 washer also comes with some of the brand’s most popular innovations, such as:

  • Whirlpool® Load & GoTM Dispenser – Skip steps with the Load & Go™ Dispenser. Simply add detergent once and skip refills for 20 loads.*
  • Pretreat Station Plus – Soak, scrub and wash all in one spot with a built-in, dual temperature faucet and pretreat brush for quick, easy access to tools that help you get it all done at once. Plus, you can add detergent to the water stream to spot-treat stains before they set in.  
  • Smart WiFi-enabled – Streamline laundry routines with the Whirlpool mobile app**. The app connects to your washer, allowing you to schedule, start, pause, and check on your laundry so you never have to rewash a forgotten load again. t

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Whirlpool® 2 in 1 Washer exclusively at Lowe’s

The Whirlpool® Top Load Washer with 2 in 1 Removable Agitator can be purchased exclusively from Lowe’s. It’s available in Chrome Shadow or white and can hold 5.2 cu ft with the Agitator, and 5.3 cu ft with impeller. You can read more about this innovative new washer at Lowe’s List for Innovation: Whirlpool.

*Based on an 8 lb load.

**Appliance must be set to remote enable. WiFi & App Required. Features subject to change. Details and privacy info at Whirlpool.