This new line of power tools sets the bar as an industry leader: part of Lowe’s List for Innovation

FLEX and Lowe’s team up to innovate power tools

flex power tool drilling into wood
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Having earned the Lowe’s List for Innovation 2021 badge, FLEX Power Tools will change the game for contractors, property managers, and other professionals with this innovative new line of power tools, available exclusively* at Lowe’s. The 24-Volt 1/2-in Brushless Cordless Drill is the star of this line, but where these tools shine is their compatibility, with every single tool using the same remarkable batteries. 

FLEX Power Tools: The FLEX Advantage 

This entire line features several innovations, but the biggest selling point is the battery. The FLEX 24V lithium battery outperforms the competition. Capable of delivering 20% more power** and up to 25% longer runtime*** than comparable batteries, FLEX rebuilt its new battery from the ground up to give you the best performance. 

  • Intelligent Battery Processor - the battery’s processor monitors and optimizes each battery cell for intelligent power management, delivering higher power under heavy use and overload protection. 
  • FLEX Therma-Tech™ - The heat management system employs a patented phase-change material to absorb and dissipate heat, resulting in a cooler battery and up to 25% longer runtime***.
  • Drop-Resistant Design - Featuring a shock-resistant design and epoxy-seal, this battery is protected from all the abuse your workload can dish out.  
  • FLEX 24V Cross Compatibility - The complete FLEX 24V Power Tool line uses the same batteries and the same chargers. 

In addition to the incredibly innovative batteries, the FLEX 24V drill also includes the following features: 

  • Sensor-Free™ Brushless Motor - Like the entire FLEX Power Tool line, the FLEX 24V drill is built around an intelligent Sensor-Free™ brushless motor. This improves durability, efficiency, and control, while reducing the size of the tool.
  • Unrivaled Torque - Leading the industry, the FLEX 24V drill offers torque at 1,400 in-Ibs.
  • Anti-Kickback - Advanced braking technology lets you work with confidence.
  • Turbo Mode - Use this setting for increased speed and faster results.
  • Comprehensive Kits - While other manufacturers cut costs by including as little as possible in the box, FLEX sells kits with everything you’ll need. This drill  includes two 24V interchangeable batteries and a charger.
  • FLEX Founders Limited Lifetime Warranty – Register your new FLEX tool, battery, or charger within 30 days of purchase through December 31, 2021 for a limited lifetime warranty.

flex power tool

(Image credit: flex)

FLEX Power Tools: Exclusively* at Lowe’s

The FLEX 24V ½ in Brushless Cordless Drill can be purchased exclusively* at Lowe’s. It includes two FLEX 24V batteries, as well as a charger for the batteries, which are compatible with the entire FLEX Power Tool line, also available exclusively* at Lowe’s. Whether you’re a professional tradesman or an amateur looking to step up your game, these are the right tools for the job. You can read more about the complete FLEX 24V Power Tool line Lowe’s List for Innovation: FLEX.

*Versus national home centers for FLEX 24V.

**FLEX 24V batteries compared to 18 volt/20 max batteries utilizing the same cells.

***FLEX 24V batteries compared to FLEX 24V batteries without THERMA-TECH™ material.

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