Roborock vacuums are becoming more widely accepted in the home - here’s why

Smarter inside and out

Roborock S7 Plus heading back toward dock
(Image credit: Roborock)

Robotic vacuums have been around for some time, introduced to save us from the constant cleaning that our floors require. But from their introduction and into the present day, some just haven’t delivered on the promise of autonomous cleaning. Roborock has been gaining in popularity, though, thanks to constant innovation that drives the technology forward, properly shifting the cleaning work to the robot and away from us.

Vacuum power is a key feature of a robovac, and Roborock has delivered. It has a range of robotic vacuums strong enough to suck up debris from hard floors, down in cracks, and right out of carpets. This ought to save you the effort of going back around to clean carpets that a weaker robovac couldn’t handle, or sweeping up larger debris it was too weak to pick up.

With several of Roborock’s robovac lines, like the S7 family, even more cleaning gets done with every pass across your floor. A built-in mop can trail along behind the vacuum, so stuck-on debris gets scrubbed up right after loose debris gets sucked up into the vacuum. Now you don’t have to vacuum or mop. For even more advanced cleaning, the S7 family uses sonic vibration to really loosen up messes, and it has a retractable mop head, letting it glide  safely across carpets and rugs where other basic mopping robovacs might drag a dirty mop across the carpet. 

Roborock designers have even cut down on the amount of work you have to do to keep a robovac in working order. While many models will require you to at least empty their dust bin regularly and maybe detangle their brush head, Roborock offers a tangle-resistant brush head and it has an Auto-Empty Dock that can hold up to eight weeks' worth of debris from the vacuum, turning a chore your might have dealt with on a daily basis into one you can tackle monthly. Roborock even has a dock that can refill the mop water reservoir and clean off the mop head.

It’s no surprise robot vacuums are rising in popularity when they can help so much with other trends, like increases in pet ownership and remote working. All the extra time spent around the house and the added fur and allergens coming from pets mean more cleaning up to do. It’s not easy to keep up with without help, but Roborock’s vacuums take on the task for themselves, and the automatically-sealing dust bags in the Auto-Empty Docks can trap 99.5% of particles down to 0.3 microns, to dramatically reduce allergens.

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra cleaning up after a dog

(Image credit: Roborock)

As powerful as the vacuum systems in many robovacs can be, their reliability largely stems from their onboard smart features. One of the more common pain points with robot vacuums stems from models that simply aren’t smart enough. Some robot vacuums just bump around a room aimlessly. You can never be sure if they’re going to clean up everything and you can only hope they don’t end up lost under a couch bouncing back and forth until the battery dies, leaving you with an uncleaned floor and a lost robovac.

Roborock’s premium robovacs eliminate that concern with precise and intelligent navigation. From the S4 family up, Roborock’s robovacs feature LiDAR mapping to get a detailed floor plan of the area they’re cleaning and use smart navigation to go back and forth, covering every inch of your space. These robovacs not only know where they’re going and where they’ve been (something they handily show on a detailed map in the Roborock app), but they also know right where their dock is, so they can head back when they’re done or circle back in the middle of a large cleaning job to recharge before finishing off the floors. These smart features also allow specific assignments, such as letting you ask the robovac to go clean a specific room or not to mop certain areas, and even to avoid specific areas entirely. 

Roborock designers sweat the small stuff to create machines that eliminate as many common pain points as possible. The robovacs require less regular maintenance, support different docs to let you choose the feature set and physical footprint that best suits your needs, and emphasize cleanliness at every turn, including filtering the water that passes through the mop. 

With the smarter, more powerful robovacs from Roborock, you can save time on cleaning the house or money on hiring a housekeeper while enjoying a capable device that blends into the modern household and integrates seamlessly with smart home setups.

So as you look for ways to improve your home, why not see how you can use a robovac to steal back more of your own time and turn each room into a space to enjoy instead of a space to clean. Here’s a look at all Roborock has to offer to help you get there.

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