3 ways to reimagine your space with a projector

It's time for a more flexible approach to entertainment

A projector displaying a travel scene in a living room
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If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that snuggling up for a movie (or a TV show marathon) is the ultimate way to spend a night in. Whether you live on your own, it’s date night with your significant other, or you’re getting the popcorn ready with your family, a television feels like a household staple and an absolute essential for a fun evening with your nearest and dearest.

Saying that, it’s all too easy to let that television take over your entire space and dominate your living room decor scheme. If you’re keen to up the ante on entertainment in your home, without compensating on your perfected living room layout, a smart projector could solve your problems. Bringing — screenless —  large-image impact to anywhere in your home, rather than just directly opposite the couch, you can take an entirely new approach to flexible living.

It’s pretty much in the name with LED smart projectors, and investing in this versatile piece of tech can change how you use and enjoy your home. Ready to be paired with all of your devices and placed in practically every corner of your rental or even tiny studio, they are designed to literally transform any blank wall into a screen at the push of a button. They’re also much more energy-efficient than your everyday projector as they consume less power, making them kind to both the planet and your wallet. It's a win-win situation.

As any apartment dweller knows, multifunctional pieces are your best friend, and the sky’s the limit when it comes to these projectors. So if you’re thinking of making the switch and looking for some inspiration, here are the top three ways to get the most out of an LED projector like ViewSonic's LED projectors for home entertainment.

A charcuterie setup with fairy lights and a projector displaying a movie in a living room

(Image credit: ViewSonic)

1. A screen in any spot

Projectors  and larger-scale screens have countless uses outside of the living area. A projector can be moved around to any room in your home, allowing you to make use of your “screen” in your bedroom for makeup tutorials, in the kitchen for recipe videos, or wherever you like to do your home workouts. 

And the best part? Unlike a TV that constantly occupies precious space even when it's off, when your projector isn't in use, you have your clean wall back. It stays a blank canvas ready to decorate.

It’s the epitome of flexible living, plus it’s much more gentle on your eyes than a traditional tv and the blue light from your phone and tablet screens. With a projector, the light bounces off of the wall before hitting your eyes rather than making direct contact. Ideal on all accounts.

2. Outdoor movie night

Grab your projector and a bedsheet and get ready for your main character moment, as you recreate a rom-com setting in real life. Whether it’s in the garden, on a tiny patio, or with a DIY screen on a spontaneous camping trip, there’s something so magical about the idea of an outdoor cinema.

ViewSonic’s M series of projectors are specifically designed to take on-the-go, and can work both inside your home, and out. They are battery-powered for up to six hours of viewing time so you can watch nearly a full season of a tv show on one charge. And here’s a pro tip: you can also connect up to a portable power bank, and guarantee you’ll make it to the season finale.

3. Set the scene

Picture this: You’re hosting a milestone birthday or Christmas, and want to create the perfect setting for your loved ones. You can pop on your projector and queue up the ambiance, be that party tunes or crackling fireplace videos, for the ultimate backdrop. Or, bring it to the bedroom to enjoy soothing sights and sounds in a nature documentary to help you wind down before you go to sleep.

This projector can even help you set the decor tone in your home by displaying artwork, photographs and more for a feature wall like no other. And if you’re feeling extra creative, you could even craft a piece of digital artwork in real-time by pairing with your tablet and casting onto the wall as you work.

Which projector is best for you?

A ViewSonic smart projector on a coffee table in a warm living room

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ViewSonic has a diverse range of projectors to suit your space and your entertainment needs. Most of the projectors can be easily moved, put into auto-focus, and they each have built-in speakers also. The X series is specially designed for use at home, while the M series has a battery-powered option for those planning to bring their projector on the go. 

The X- series is great for movie buffs with dreams of the ultimate home cinema, as it easily projects and auto-focuses an image up to 100 inches in 4K quality. If you’re a student looking for a pocket-sized, budget-friendly option to upgrade your dorm room, the M series is the way to go. For avid campers planning movie nights under the stars, these compact and portable projectors with their  6-hour battery life are perfect to pop into your backpack. 

Learn more about ViewSonic’s Reimagine Your Space Campaign and explore their full range of projectors and detailed specs here

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