Upgrade Your Home in the New Year

How to improve the kerb appeal and comfort of your home this year


Kerb appeal is used to describe how attractive the front of the property is.  The front of the property is the first thing people will see of your home. If you are looking to sell or rent your property, kerb appeal is especially important as it will form a viewer’s first impression of the property.

 Timber front door manufactured and installed by The Sash Window Workshop. 

 Front Door 

 A Front door is used several times a day and recent research from Hitachi Personal Finance shows that it is the most noticeable part of a property.  Repairing or replacing a wooden front door can instantly give the exterior of your property a new look.

One of the quickest ways to do this is by giving the door a fresh coat of paint.  Consider what colour would best suit your property and what impression you want to give visitors.  Common choices include black, blue, green or white, but don’t be scared to choose bolder colours if you feel it would suit your home.  The choice of front door colour can be used as a design statement and is a quick and simple way to display your individual personality and style, changing the way people perceive you and your home.

It is also worth remembering that don’t have to choose the same colour on both the exterior and interior of your door.  However, it is important to ensure that the colours complement each other so that the door still looks good when it is open, and you can see both colours.

Good quality ironmongery will improve both the look of the door and the security.  It is important to keep the front door in a good condition, as a damaged front door can also pose a security risk, making it easier for someone to break into the property.

A draughty front door can also make the whole house feel cold and unwelcoming.  If you are replacing your front door it should be draught proofed as part of the installation process.  However, over time it is important to ensure that the draught proofing is still working properly as it may become worn meaning that it is less effective.

If your front door needs replacing, you may wish to research the best style of front door to match the period of your property.  Like many other aspects of the home, the style of front doors changed over time with Georgian front doors looking very different to Victorian front doors.  To find out more about the different styles of front doors, CLICK HERE (opens in new tab).

 Casement windows manufactured and installed by The Sash Window Workshop 



Keeping your windows in a good condition will not only improve the kerb appeal of your property, but also can help improve the comfort of your home.

Draughty, rattling windows can make a room uncomfortable during the winter months.  However, they often don’t require replacement, instead they can often be fixed by draught proofing the existing windows.

Period inappropriate windows can reduce the kerb appeal of your home.  Recent surveys have found that people are often prepared to pay more money for a home with windows that are sympathetic to the property.  If you are unsure what your windows should look like, a specialist timber window company with experience of working on period properties should be able to advise you.

 Timber windows manufactured and installed by The Sash Window Workshop. 


A benefit of timber windows is that they can often be repaired rather than replaced.  For example, if the moving parts of the window (the sashes) are in a bad condition, but the frame is still in a good condition, new sashes can be installed into the existing frames.  This not only causes less disruption than working back to the brickwork and having the whole window replaced, but also saves time and money.

If the whole window is in a bad condition, obtain a quote from a specialist window company to replace the window.  When installing a new timber window you will need to choose the type of timber, glass and the colour you would like along with the type of ironmongery.

Original windows in period properties would have historically been single glazed.  However, most replacement timber windows now are double glazed providing the benefits of modern advances in technology.  It is worth noting that double glazing is unlikely to be approved in listed buildings.  If you live in a listed building or conservation area you will need to check with your local council before replacing your windows.

 Sash windows manufactured and installed by The Sash Window Workshop. 

 A Useful Contact 


The Sash Window Workshop has been replacing and repairing timber windows and doors in period properties across London and the South since 1994.

All their replacement windows and doors are bespoke and made to their customer’s specific requirements.  They offer a free, no obligation quotation (https://www.sashwindow.com/contact-us (opens in new tab)) and their sales surveyors will always aim to advise you on the best service or product to suit your needs.

To arrange a visit and quotation, contact their team on: 01344 868 668.

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