The Triton ENVi electric shower is making waves in Britain's bathrooms — here's why

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Every drop makes a difference, which is why Triton has designed the next generation of electric showers. It not only has the necessary settings to help you reduce your water and energy usage but looks sleek and stylish too. 

As the industry leader for nearly 50 years, Triton has taken the concerns of its customers to create a first-of-its-kind personalised electric showering experience, ENVi, that helps you to see your water usage and energy cost.

That's because — generally speaking — electric showers are a great option for busy families as you don't need to use any stored hot water, as they heat the cold supply on demand, so there's no wasted energy. This means that it's available on demand, 24 hours a day.

So, if you're sick of waiting for water to warm up, or the shock in temperature when someone switches on the taps, look to this innovative and stylish shower. With ease of installation and unrivalled reliability, this chic fixture is the perfect option for your bathroom renovation.

Read on to discover more benefits of buying into the British brand's new product.

The ENVi shower can help you to save water, energy and money

Triton ENVi shower system

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Triton's revolutionary shower offers an easy-to-read, full-colour digital display that lets you know how long you've been showering, as well as the cost of your usage (in pounds and pence) and litres consumed. 

So why not set a target to see how much money you can save each month? Using ENVi's eco button and shaving just one minute off of your routine will pay dividends and help to reduce your carbon footprint too. Better still, get the family involved and make them feel accountable by setting up a user profile for each member.

To put that into perspective, Triton Showers has calculated that if one per cent of UK households reduce their daily shower time by one minute on average, this could save over 673 million litres of water, equivalent to 270 Olympic swimming pools. It would also reduce nearly 6.7 million kg CO2e, equivalent to removing 3,950 cars from the UK’s roads.

Use Triton's handy calculator to see how much you could save and how you compare against the typical UK household. All you need to provide is a little information on your current habits and it'll do the maths and show you some money-saving options too.

It'll match your bathroom style

Envi electric shower by Triton

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With three premium finishes (black, silver, or copper), there's a style to match every scheme. Plus, you've got four flexible kit choices (including wall or ceiling-fed kits) to ensure you can customise your washroom setting, whilst maximising the space you have.

Want to pretend you're washing in the tropics? Choose a luxurious rainfall shower design. Got a young family? The DuElec®-model lets you divert flow between two shower heads — one rainfall and one five-spray pattern showerhead.

Customise your showering experience

If you find yourself always having to adjust settings after other members of your household have a shower, then you’ll love the user profiles you can set up on the interface. With the press of one button, the shower will revert back to the settings that you’ve programmed, so there’s no need to fuss with the controls each time.

The ENVi® range starts from an RRP of £399. Product shown features DuElec kit, at an RRP of £539.

For innovative and eco-conscious bathroom solutions, look no further than the ENVi range, which is available to shop now from the Triton website.

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