Seven home moving must-haves – how to take the stress out of tackling those old curtains and blinds

Take the worry out of DIY with help from the experts

Dawn Light Grey Electric day & night blinds in kitchen
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Whether you're moving into a bigger pad to make space for a little one on the way, or downsizing as the kids flee the nest, settling into a new home can be stressful. But once you've sorted through the boxes, and bits and bobs (and had your first takeaway on the floor), you can hopefully get cracking with all your decorating ideas.

While paint colours and wallpaper might initially come to mind, it’s a good idea to consider the window dressings too, especially if the old ones are letting your new space down. You might even have nothing on the windows! Well-designed and expertly fitted blinds, curtains and shutters can make all the difference, so best not to skip over the details.

It’s easy to make DIY mishaps when it comes to windows, which is why the experts at Hillarys are on hand to take away the stress of your projects. 

Here are seven must-haves to consider when you’re making updates or moving home. 

Dawn Light Grey Electric day & night blinds in kitchen

(Image credit: Future)


In the UK, as the days get shorter and the nights feel colder, you may want to bring more light – and cosiness – into your home. Making the most of bright rays of sunshine is a must – but light can sometimes feel harsh depending on your room’s aspect. If you’re thinking of replacing old curtains, consider a layered approach that includes a voile to ensure light won’t create any unwanted glare.    

Hillarys blinds are designed to work year-round, so blackout blinds are a good way to help improve sleep in any season. Having a snug finish is key to stopping light from creeping in around the edges, so you’ll want a professional to measure and install them.

Day & Night blinds are an ideal way to allow for privacy, while filtering light as needed – and can even be motorised, and controlled via an app on your smartphone. Interior stylist and influencer Gemma Gear (aka @thatssogemma) loves her Day & Night blinds – which she chose because her kitchen is overlooked by neighbours. She’s even created a cosy window seat for the dog to watch her cook too.

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We’re all keeping an eye on our energy usage – and keeping the bills down has become more important than ever. Thankfully, Hillarys has a wide range of thermal solutions that retain heat in cooler weather so your home works more efficiently.

What’s more, when the seasons change again and the mercury peaks, these blinds, curtains or shutters will help keep heat out so your room is cooler and more comfortable. 

Gemma does just that with her INTU Micro Hive Blinds. She says: “They're amazing with heat control. So in the winter, they keep the rooms warmer and in the summer they keep the rooms cool.”

INTU Micro Hive pleated blinds in White and Serenity Seaglass voile curtain

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If your home move has chipped away at your finances, take a look at Hillarys value collection, and be sure to prioritise the rooms you spend the most time in.

This may be the kitchen – aka, the heart of the home – or perhaps the home office where you run the show and need an optimum working environment. Good lighting can make or break a successful video call, and we all know the perils of screen glare when hopping on a laptop to put together a presentation.

As for the living room, consider blinds that will allow in plenty of light, but can also be adjusted when you want to focus on your home cinema experience. Nothing ruins a blockbuster moment like light reflecting off the screen. 

Nora Bruscetta Electric Roman blind

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Of course, privacy is appreciated in all areas of the home, in particular the bathroom and bedroom. So when you need an extra layer of reassurance, choose your window dressings wisely.

Gone are the days of outdated window films and textured glass in toilets and bathrooms. With the latest moisture-resistant materials, you can have a contemporary finish in your bathroom while you soak in the tub, or take a shower.

Blackout and wooden blinds are great choices for sleep spaces – they can be motorised too, so you’ll wake up even easier each morning.

Gemma chose a sheer roller blind to go underneath her Abigail Ahern Roman blind – a great way to get the privacy she needed while not compromising on the look.

Natural Stone Faux wood venetian blinds with white tapes in bedroom

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You may not have noticed on your initial viewing with the estate agent, but city and suburban living usually comes hand in hand with some degree of noise pollution. And an idle engine or car alarm can wake up even the deepest of sleepers. Luckily, drowning out sound is the job of a good window dressing.

Hillarys advisors know all the ways to find the right solution for your particular window, so you can relax and enjoy your home. Whether it’s bay windows in a bedroom, or bi-fold doors leading to the back garden, noise can crop up anywhere, so you need an expert opinion on how best to tackle it. 

Once you’ve dealt with these bothersome day-to-day disturbances, you can rest reassured you’ve moved into the right neighbourhood. 

Abigail Ahern Cadillac Noir Roman blind and Purity White sheer roller blind

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Anyone who’s ever laid down a dust sheet will know how much mess can get created during your makeover – especially where builders are involved. Which is why you always need a retreat space, so you can destress after the rollers are put away in an area that is clean and tidy. 

Whilst being busy getting her home office ready, Gemma has put some finishing touches to the guest room – so it’s not only welcoming to visitors, but can be used as a temporary work space too. Her “Rainbow Room” is great for retreating to, and features an Abigail Ahern Roman blind with an eye-catching pattern and fringing. 


Visit to book an appointment with your local advisor. It’s really quick and easy to do, plus it won’t cost a penny and there’s never any pressure to buy. Appointments are available at a time to suit you, from the day you get your keys! 

It can be tempting to cut corners or buy off the shelf, but it's better to buy once and buy well, that's why the window wise come to Hillarys. 

Plus, if you join the Homemovers Club you’ll get expert tips and advice, and be able to bag a multi-blind discount.

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