Renovating your kitchen? Rangemaster's new range is the upgrade you need

Here are 3 reasons why you should invest in Rangemaster's new 60cm range when upgrading your kitchen

(Image credit: Rangemaster)

The oven is the heart of any kitchen, so if your space needs an upgrade, buying a brand new cooker is the perfect place to start. Rangemaster's new 60cm collection, now available at, will fit neatly into any kitchen while still offering all the charm of a traditional cooker. 

Rangemaster's new 60cm selection comes in an array of colours and finishes, as well as an array of fuel types. Here are three reasons why they are an investment worth making when renovating your kitchen. 

1. Timeless design 


(Image credit: Rangemaster)

You can be confident that your Rangemaster was designed based on the popular range cooker families. All Rangemaster products are also made with the highest quality materials, so you really do get what you pay for. The products are tested again and again for quality, so the ranges are an investment that is made to last for decades.

Available in a selection of finishes and linings, the new 60cm Rangemaster line will be guaranteed to have an option for your kitchen. Whether you want a sleek black or professional stainless silver, the range is the centrepiece of any kitchen, and you can choose from a variety of styles to fit perfectly into your space.

2. They're suitable for any kitchen


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Many want a range cooker but may not realise that it's a feasible option for their space. The new Rangemaster line features an array of 60cm ranges, so if space is at a premium in your kitchen renovation, you won't need to sacrifice a kitchen counter to have the range of your dreams fitted.

The 60cm range, available from, has the same dimensions as most typical cookers. This combined with AO's flexible delivery and price match promise will allow you to easily fit a premium cooker even if you've got a smaller kitchen.

In fact, Rangemaster cookers typically offer more cooking options than a traditional oven, because you can use the upper cavity to grill while cooking at a different temperature in the lower oven. 

3. Versatile cooking options


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There are few more iconic kitchen features than a range cooker, with its multiple cavities and generous capacity. You can make the most of numerous cooking modes and cook a range of dishes simultaneously thanks to the versatile design of Rangemaster's range cookers. 

While most range cookers are 90cm wide, Rangemaster's new 60cm line will slot into more compact kitchens, while still offering maximum versatility. This includes a grill, oven, and four burners. Because these 60cm ranges offer an oven, grill, and hob in one, it will also save you the effort of buying three separate fittings for your kitchen. 

Traditional ranges have gas fittings, but there are also Rangemaster ranges for your preferred hob type. This includes gas, ceramic, dual fuel, and even induction. You can even use them to griddle or slow cook. 

With so many fuel types on offer, you can really consider not only the look but the preferred type of fuel you'd like for your kitchen. The classic gas hobs come with cast iron pan supports, and there are also energy-efficient induction cooktops.

If you're interested in investing in a Rangemaster range cooker, is the place to go. AO offers flexible delivery 7 days a week, and a guarantee to price match any competitor, so you know you're getting the best price possible. 

AO also offers 100-day returns, which means you can shop with confidence, and over 240k five-star TrustPilot reviews. 

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