Preparing your timber windows and doors for winter

Ways to look after your windows and doors before the winter sets in.

It may only be the end of September, but it is important to start thinking about preparing your windows and doors for the colder, winter months.

The best timber window and door companies will often operate at a minimum of a two month lead time, meaning that it is important to plan in advance.

Have a look at all your windows and doors. Are they letting in draughts? Is the paint peeling? Is the wood rotten? If the answer to any of these is yes, you will need to contact a specialist, like The Sash Window Workshop, to repair or replace your timber windows and doors.

Draught proofing and overhaul service by The Sash Window Workshop

Draught Proofing

If you can feel a draught coming in between the frame and the moving parts of your windows or doors, then it is worth getting them draught proofed.  Draught proofing can drastically improve the comfort of your home, preventing cold draughts from coming in through the windows and doors.

New timber windows and doors should always be draught proofed when installed.  However, over time the draught proofing is likely to become less effective meaning that windows and doors are likely to need draught proofing as part of regular maintenance work.


If the paint is peeling, but the wood is not rotten, you will need to repaint your windows and doors. The paint condition is often the first visible sign of deterioration for windows and doors.

Traditional timber windows and doors need to be regularly repainted to prevent the timber rotting and to improve their appearance.

Double Glazing

If your windows are in a good enough condition you may be able to double glaze your existing windows.  To read more about double glazing existing windows, click here.

Alternatively, if the window frames are in a good condition, new double glazed sashes can be installed into the existing window frames.

The majority of heat loss through the windows and doors in a property is through the glass panes.  By double glazing, a space of insulating air is added between two panes of glass, improving the thermal efficiency of your home and saving money on heating bills.

Double glazing can also help reduce noise, by creating an extra barrier for noise entering your home.

By double glazing and draught proofing your timber windows and doors you can often make a large improvement in the comfort of your home.

Complete new French door by The Sash Window Workshop

Replacement Windows and Doors

If your windows and doors are beyond repair, complete new replacement windows and doors will be required.

A specialist timber window and door company like The Sash Window Workshop (visit their website), who offer a wide range of timber window services, should be able to advise you whether repair or replacement is required for your windows and doors.

Replacement timber windows and doors can be made to order, bespoke to your specific requirements.  This means that, unless planning regulations prevent you, you can install double glazed, draught proofed windows and doors that fit your property perfectly.

It is worth noting that listed buildings and conservation areas may not allow double glazing to be installed and you should always check with planning officers before proceeding with any work.