I’ve reviewed 10+ vacuums and these 4 are the best picks from the Curry’s January sale

Samsung Jet 60 Turbo in handheld function in use on stairs
(Image credit: Curry's PC World)

It’s officially the time to buy a new vacuum if yours needs replacing, what with Black Friday having just been and gone and the January sales in full swing. So, if you’re in the market for an upgrade - perhaps you want to get rid of your corded model and snap up a shiny cordless model? Or maybe you’ve recently gained a furry friend in your household and your current vacuum just cannot cope. I know the struggles thanks to my joyful yet super furry Pug, Doug. Either way,  there’s no better time than now to replace this all-important appliance that you truly cannot live without. 

I’m here to help make this decision a whole lot easier, so you can spend your January doing whatever you please - from avoiding alcohol to going on a health kick that you may or may not forget about come February the 1st. And if you want to take advantage of the January sales then there’s nowhere else to shop other than Currys. I’ve just had a scroll through their discounts and it’s safe to say they are unbeatable. Some top-rated vacuums are on sale for the first time ever, so don’t miss your chance.

I’ve done some proper digging and picked four vacuum cleaners from Currys, that are all on sale and in my opinion, these are great family vacuum cleaners that can cope with copious amounts of mess — and much more.

You can shop all Currys floorcare deals live right now.

1. This Hoover vacuum has £100 off and is great for pet-friendly households

HOOVER Anti-Twist Pets HF522STP Cordless Vacuum Cleaner in use by man cleaning floors

(Image credit: Amazon)

Finding a pet-friendly vacuum cleaner is hard, I get it. But this one from Hoover is actually on sale right now, and it’s specially designed to collect pet hair. It also has a Boost Mode for when you really need the extra oomph. Its Anti-Twist floorhead means that you won’t waste any more time untangling pet hair (and probably your hair, let’s be honest) from the roller brush. Its Mini Power Nozzle also makes it easy to de-hair your sofa, your favourite chair or a thick pile rug. When it comes to storage, it couldn’t take up less space as it has a Park Mode to make it sit at just 69cm high.

Bin capacity: 0.45L
Runtime: 45 mins
Charge time: 2.5hrs
Attachments: 3
LED headlight: Yes
Handheld? Yes

2. The cordless Bosch Unlimited 7 is great for small families 

With a generous £130 off, this vacuum from Bosch performs in more than dust collection but let’s face it: it looks pretty swarve too. It offers an 80-minute battery life (from two batteries, both included) and these batteries will work with all of your Bosch tools. It also charges in less than an hour, so if you find yourself cleaning up after the kids several times a day, or maybe you vacuum your entire house every day, then this is super convenient. Even better? It gives Shark vacuums a run for their money thanks to its bendable stick that helps you clean crumbs and more from underneath your furniture, without bending down.

Bin capacity: 0.3L
Runtime: 80 mins
Charge time: 1hr
Attachments: 8
LED headlight: Yes
Handheld? Yes

3. Now less than £200, the Samsung Jet 60 is a brilliant budget buy in the sale 

Samsung Jet 60 Turbo in purple on use cleaning white rug

(Image credit: Curry's PC World)

Yes, the Samsung Jet 60 comes in a lovely purple colour but also it’s less than £200, which is hard to come by these days if you’re looking for quality. It’s fitted with a special Jet Brush to pick up pet hair and dust with ease, from carpets, rugs and hard floors. It has all of the usual bells and whistles of a vacuum, and really it’s anything but confusing to use. Otherwise, it has a spacious 0.8-litre bin which ought to make for fewer trips to your kitchen bin.

Bin capacity: 0.8L
Runtime: 40 mins
Charge time: 3.5hrs
Attachments: 2
Led headlight: No
Handheld? Yes

4. Spend less and clean more with this Vax vacuum and carpet cleaner that’s £149 

VAX Rapid Power Refresh CDCW-RPXR Upright Carpet Cleaner in use by woman in three ways - on stairs, on sofa and on carpet

(Image credit: Curry's PC World)

If your home is mostly fitted with carpet, then this Vax vacuum that doubles as a carpet cleaner will soon become your best friend — especially if you have children and pets. You’ll need somewhere to store it and be aware that it’s quite heavy due to its nature, but it definitely gets the job done. Gone are the days of paying someone to clean your carpets when you can do it yourself, and you clean your upholstery too with the included attachment. It’s corded (as you’d expect) but it works to clean and sanitize your carpets as well as have them dry within an hour. Simply enough, it comes with cleaning flued included but you fill it with clean water and fluid, whizz around your home with it and then you empty the dirty water tank after (and you won’t believe your eyes when you do!).

Bin capacity: 4.7L wet & dry
Cord length: 8m
Attachments: 1
LED headlight: No
Handheld? Yes

Which one will you be buying in the January sales? Don’t take too long to decide as these deals might finish soon.

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