Hotpoint fridge freezers can now prevent bacteria growth in your fridge – get yours from AO

This new fridge freezer technology can reduce your food waste – all while standing stylish in your kitchen

Hotpoint fridge freezer in kitchen with door open and food inside
(Image credit: Hotpoint)

In the market for a brand new fridge freezer? We can recommend a no-brainer if you loathe throwing out food that should be edible but is looking spoiled after a few days of being in the fridge. Whether from being stored at the wrong temperature, or in the wrong zone of your fridge. Well, selected Hotpoint fridge freezers sold at feature  Active Oxygen technology, which releases tri-oxygen (O3) molecules into the fridge, the same type that are released into the atmosphere during thunderstorms. 

This protective technology helps to prevent bacteria growth by up to 90 percent*, and reduce unpleasant odours like cheese or fish by up to 70%. Keeping your fridge smelling fresh, and food fresh for longer. An easy way to cut down on your food waste at home, while ensuring your fridge is always hygienically clean and fresh. We’re already on board because no one likes discovering spoiled food in their fridge, and cleaning said food out of your fridge is even worse.

As well as the incredible Active Oxygen technology, Hotpoint fridge freezers include many other impressive features. To read more about them, keep scrolling. Head to our best fridge freezers guide for tried and tested recommendations.

Why else should you buy a Hotpoint fridge freezer?

When searching for Hotpoint fridge freezers at AO, their capacities range from anything starting at 360-litres, which is 20 bags of shopping, to 591-litres. So, whether you have a small household  or there are several (hungry) children in your family, finding a fridge freezer to fit all of your fresh fruit and vegetables as well as meats, fish and snacks is an easy task. 

If you need another reason to buy a Hotpoint fridge freezer, then all (bar one) are frost-free. No need for you to get your ice scraper out and drown your kitchen floor in ice once a year. 

Selected Hotpoint fridge freezers have a special zone to store your fruit and vegetables. This Fresh Zone+ drawer will keep the amount of moisture inside stable – and it allows you to adjust the humidity levels inside this drawer based on the types of foods in there. This makes for less mouldy or spoiled fruit or veg, and fewer trips to your local supermarket to buy more. 

Last, but definitely not least, some Hotpoint fridge freezers even have a water dispenser. And, luckily for you, these fridge freezers needn’t be plumbed in. You’ll just need to fill your tank with water now and again and this fridge freezer will do the rest of the hard work. This also means you can place it anywhere in your kitchen with no need for piping.

Why buy your new Hotpoint fridge freezer from AO?

Hotpoint fridge freezer in kitchen with door closed

(Image credit: Hotpoint)

When buying your new Hotpoint fridge freezer from AO, you’ll gain access to all of the perks. Think: free and fast delivery, installation, old fridge removal. And more…

*ISO 9001-2001 certification. Test Performed by Sereco-Biotest Laboratory

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