It’s true: Having a healthy lawn has benefits that go beyond a good-looking garden

It’s not just the grass that’s glowing

Green garden with flowers and dog
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Whether you have a garden, or not, we can all appreciate the outdoors. Breathing in the fresh air, taking a walk, or being surrounded by nature is a simple solution when we’re not feeling 100%. It’s true: Green spaces have huge benefits for our physical and mental health — they’re a place of relaxation and solitude. 

Which is why it’s important to take care of our outdoor space. Be it a large acre of land, a shared patch of greenery, or a back garden with flower beds and more, having a lush lawn will do wonders for our well-being. And this is everything behind GreenThumb’s current Share the Lawn Love campaign. Where hose pipe bans and droughts have made it difficult to maintain the most healthy of lawns, the UK’s most recommended lawn treatment company has made it its mission to bring outdoor lovers the greenery they deserve. 

Here’s everything you need to know about how GreenThumb can help you (and others) achieve more than just the garden aesthetic you’ve been longing for.

What is GreenThumb’s Share The Lawn Love campaign? 

The importance of outdoor spaces has dramatically changed over the last few years. From making more of an effort to spend as much time outside as possible to more of us wanting our own garden, there’s certainly been a rise in prioritizing the outside. And if anyone can see this, it’s GreenThumb

But new hose pipe bans, increased water bills, and droughts in the UK have put a noticeable barrier between the eager gardener and the enjoyment of tending to their lawn. Knowing the considerable benefits customers could have, when it comes to not only being in but looking after (and out on) their gardens, GreenThumb has decided to provide its Standard Programme to over 160 lawns across the UK, including individuals, families, and local organizations nominated by GreenThumb customers. 

The 3 key benefits of having a healthy, green lawn 

Bright green lawn with patio furniture in the back

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Thinking about getting Astro Turf? Saving some money on your energy bill may seem like a good enough reason to invest in fake grass that doesn't need so much attention. But honestly, having a luscious, real lawn has benefits that go beyond a good-looking garden. 

1. Wellbeing

Put simply: oxygen. According to the Lawn Institute, 150 sqm2 of natural grass can produce enough oxygen to support four or more people, each and every day. That’s a fair bit more than Astro Turf or gravel can provide. Just like taking a deep breath can help reduce stress and induce calm when you need it, being surrounded by nature can provide you with enough fresh air to boost your mood and reduce your heart rate.  

2. Wildlife

Managing the health of a lawn, whether that's diseases or pests, creates a positive space for wildlife. GreenThumb's lawn treatments contain important elements required to keep your green space in good order. And, in doing so, they generate oxygen and nutrients for wildlife to enjoy.

3. The environment

Forget investing in synthetic greenery that does no justice to the environment. GreenThumb aims to provide treatments that are truly environmentally-minded. Offering a completely organic program is on the horizon, but for now, fertilisers are kept to the most environmentally friendly solution possible. 

And besides, GreenThumb’s Oasis treatment lessens the need to water a lawn by up to 80%.

If that’s not all you needed to know to get yourself looking after your lawn ASAP, we don’t know what is.

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