Stay cool this summer with these John Lewis home essentials

Get ready for a hot girl summer — without the discomfort

With just five weeks until summer is *officially* here, we're already getting a sneak preview of what's to come with the warmer weather. But are you prepared for peak temperatures? Sure, you may have popped SPF in your shopping basket and donned some lighter (and brighter) outfits — but is your home summer ready?

Panic buying a fan in the supermarket might be something you may have resorted to in the past, but preparing ahead means you'll have more choices, and can style your home more consciously. Sometimes for cheaper, too. 

Working with John Lewis — one of our trusted retailers for home and technology — we've shopped its site to curate a seasonal edit of must-have items you'll want to add to your basket before they sell out.

Say no to night sweats

Nothing is worse than a sleep that's been rudely interrupted by humidity. And while you can't change the construction of your home in an instant, you can switch up your sheets and other bedding accessories to keep calm and carry on.

Thankfully, John Lewis has a wonderful selection of linen that'll wick away sweat. Some even come infused with peppermint oil to keep your sleep sanctuary feeling super fresh.

You see, turning the pillow over to sleep on the cooler side is nice — but there are options to keep the rest of your body at a comfortable temperature too.

A bedroom styled with Piglet in Bed fitted sheet

(Image credit: Piglet in Bed)
Piglet in Bed Linen Fitted Sheet

Piglet in Bed Linen Fitted Sheet | From £89 at John Lewis

Made for serious snoozing, these fitted sheets are made from super soft 100% stonewashed linen. Linen keeps you cosy and warm in the winter and cool in the summer, which means they're perfect for year-round use. And, because they're pre-washed they won't shrink, lose their shape or fade. Which of the 15 colourways will you pick?

Soft & Silky Specialist Temperature Balancing Cotton Bedding

Soft & Silky Specialist Temperature Balancing Cotton Bedding |  From £5.40 at John Lewis

Cotton is a warm weather staple when it comes to clothing, so follow the same principles at bedtime to keep your cool. This breathable bed linen comes in six versatile and calming colours and has an impressive 400 thread count. With Hygro technology the material is specially spun to create a hollow core that traps air and wicks away moisture, helping maintain an even, comfortable sleeping temperature.

Natural Light Cotton Comfort Duvet, 2.5 Tog

Natural Light Cotton Comfort Duvet, 2.5 Tog | From £50 at John Lewis

Soft, lightweight, and cool, with a 100% washed cotton filling, this duvet is ideal for summer. The 190 thread count cotton cover is naturally breathable, and the box construction keeps filling evenly distributed.

(Don't be) blinded by the lights

If you're after that golden hour lighting for the 'gram, be prepared for brighter mornings. Assuming you don't want to be woken by light entering your bedroom — it's worth investing in a good blackout blind.

Blinds (in general) do a great job of keeping the sun (and therefore heat) out of your property. And, unlike window treatments from the past, today's designs are functional *and* fashionable, allowing you to regulate the indoor temperature of your home.

FYI, John Lewis offers both ready-made blinds and made-to-measure blinds to suit your style and budget.

Morris & Co. Strawberry Thief Roller Blind

Morris & Co. Strawberry Thief Roller Blind | From £35 at John Lewis

Bring art to life and pay homage to the infamous works of Morris & Co with this Strawberry Thief design. Supplied with easy-fit universal brackets, this blind design can be standard or reverse-rolled to suit your specific needs. As well as this pale sage Eau de Nil hue, it's also available in a bold red or subtle grey and white colorway.

Day and Night Roller Blinds

Day and Night Roller Blinds | From £35 at John Lewis

The beauty of day and night blinds is that they allow you to control how much light you want to enter your room. The secret? Fabric that alternates between sheer and opaque blocks.

Jute Effect Daylight Roller Blind

Jute Effect Daylight Roller Blind | From £22 at John Lewis

This jute-effect roller blind brings a natural feel to your room letting just the right amount of light pour in. Though made from 100% polyester, the organic-looking material creates a gorgeous nature-inspired aesthetic.

Don't blow your cool

Whether you're in need of a breeze in the garden or want to work from the home office without breaking a sweat, John Lewis is the go-to place for climate management in and outside the home. Energy-efficient fans, dehumidifiers, and at-home air conditioning units will help you enjoy your home even more than you already do, without getting hot under the collar.

So go on, create your own microclimate with these products we're really big fans of. Some items like the infamous Dyson purifier range can even get rid of seasonal allergens including plant pollen. Burnt sausages on the barbecue? Dyson will detect and remove any smoke, stopping the smell from lingering in your living room if you had the windows or kitchen door open.

Handheld and Foldable Desk Fan, 4 inch, White

Handheld and Foldable Desk Fan, 4 inch, White | £12 at John Lewis

Compact, cool, and pretty cute too! This fold-out fixture is the must-have item this season. No need to rely on batteries, charge your fan via USB port for up to nine hours of breeze. Includes a rechargeable battery and charging cable.

ANYDAY Pedestal Fan, 16 inch, White

ANYDAY Pedestal Fan, 16 inch, White | £30 at John Lewis

Part of its ANYDAY range, this pedestal fan offers the quality you’d expect at a price you wouldn’t. It stands at the perfect height to cool you when you're sat down, making it perfect for working from home. Choose from three speeds, and whether you’d like it in oscillation or not. 

Tower Fan, 42 inch, White/Black

Tower Fan, 42 inch, White/Black | £95 at John Lewis

"Towering" at 102 cm, this slimline fan has a simple touch panel at the top to control it and a remote for when you want to tweak the temperature from afar. The handy timer means can be set to switch on or off in advance — ideal for saving energy and cooling down before bedtime.

Keep a cool head

John Lewis ANYDAY Metal Pole Garden Parasol, 2m, Blue

(Image credit: John Lewis)

Whether it's prosecco or pink lemonade, there's no denying that sipping a glass of something cold in your outdoor space makes everything better. So we've put together a couple of items that'll make quaffing your drink a quality experience.

Practical parasols provide perfect shade within your suntrap (stopping the dreaded sunburn) so that you can stay as cool as the cucumber and ice in your Pimm's-filled pitcher. 

ANYDAY Metal Pole Garden Parasol, 2m, Blue

ANYDAY Metal Pole Garden Parasol, 2m, Blue | £29 at John Lewis

Delivering all the staycation feels, this garden parasol protects you from the harshness of blazing rays. With UV50+ sun protection, the only thing that's going to be strawberry red is your delicious Daiquiri! Add a grounding base to your basket and you're good to go.

Wood-Effect Wind-Up Parasol, 2.2m, Oyster

Wood-Effect Wind-Up Parasol, 2.2m, Oyster | £65 at John Lewis

With an easy-to-operate wind-up mechanism and tiltability, you can really live your best life with ample shade in your outdoor space. The wood effect on the pole adds that rustic seaside charm. Shock-resistant ribs will ensure it doesn't collapse if you accidentally knock it.

Suntime 2.7m Adjustable Parasol with Bluetooth Speaker and LED Lights, Black

Suntime 2.7m Adjustable Parasol with Bluetooth Speaker and LED Lights, Black | £169 at John Lewis

Bring on garden party season with this parasol that's got all the bells and whistles. With a built-in Bluetooth speaker and LED lighting, you'll officially be the hostess with the most-ess. Crank it up!

Four reasons to choose John Lewis

  1. There's a minimum 2-year guarantee on electricals
  2. You'll get interest-free credit on selected products
  3. Enjoy free next-day click-and-collect (over £30)
  4. Sit back with free home delivery (over £50)

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