5 reasons you should upgrade to a Haier American fridge freezer from AO

Haier fridge freezers offer plenty of space for your fresh and frozen food, and they can be delivered fast. Thanks, AO!

Haier fridge freezer closed in kitchen
(Image credit: Haier)

In the market for a new fridge freezer? Now’s probably the best time to buy – just ahead of the mad rush that comes with the weather getting warmer, and people realizing that their fridges and freezers are way too small to cope with storing food for their family, as well as a few guests. Whether your old fridge freezer is in need of a fancy new upgrade due to it not being as cold as it should be, or maybe you want something new that will look nice in your kitchen? Perhaps, you need a larger option to feed more people (and cope with the incredible amount of food consumed at family BBQs)? Especially now we are allowed to host – let’s make the most of it. We think it would be smart to buy a Haier fridge freezer from AO, and we’re going to tell you why below. The majority of Haier fridge freezers boast plenty of room inside, and some even take up a small amount of space. What more could you ask for?

Why buy your Haier fridge freezer from AO? There’s a huge range, you’ll benefit from fast delivery as well as £25 off – and many more perks. Now, more on Haier fridge freezers and five reasons why we think you should buy one from AO.

1. Haier fridge freezers boast large capacities

Haier fridge freezer in kitchen

(Image credit: Haier)

If you are upgrading your fridge due to its size, then rest assured that a Haier one will fit every single bit of your shopping – fresh and frozen items. These fridge freezers can go up to store as much as 562L of shopping. Not to mention that they have door storage as well as different zones. From a My Zone compartment for keeping your meat, fish and dairy at specific temperatures so they are super fresh, and the Humidity Control drawer which is perfect for fruit and veg, to make them last longer than they usually would.

2. Haier fridge freezers looks the part and play the part

So, we’ve already ticked off the fact Haier fridge freezers plays the part, with a range of capacities on offer and impressive functions, but it’s important to note that these fridge freezers also look the part. One that particularly caught our eye was their slim American fridge freezer – not just because it’s slim but also thanks to its stainless steel-effect finish. It also boasts four doors to make a statement in your kitchen.

3. Haier fridge freezers have £25 off right now

Another reason you should buy a Haier fridge freezer from AO? They are surprisingly affordable, with prices starting from a low £699. That's for an American fridge freezer, too, which is an incredibly cheap price to pay. Also, prices only go up to £1,249 so rest assured your new Haier fridge freezer will be well within your budget. Bargains...

4. Haier fridge freezers boast high star ratings from reviewers

Haier fridge freezer

(Image credit: Haier)

How to know for sure that the Haier fridge freezer you’ve found is worth your money? Check out the reviews. We’ve seen comments such as “Magic Haier Fridge Freezer”, “A pleasant surprise” and even “Great fridge freezer, fab design and features”. Take a look for yourself...

5. AO offer fast delivery

Another reason to shop with AO, apart from reliability? Your new Haier fridge freezer can be delivered fast. If you need something quick and your calendar is looking busy, then AO can deliver any product – not just fridge freezers – to your home, seven days a week. Choose a slot to suit you from 7am until 7pm. Easy stuff.

Read more info on AO’s delivery T&C’s.
Shop for a Haier fridge freezer at AO.

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