5 reasons you need to rethink the render on your home

It’s an easy way to up your home’s energy efficiency and save £££

a modern house with white render and tall angular glazing
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Now more than ever, we’re all looking for ways to save money. With the price of our fuel bills increasing, and the cost of living being generally on the rise, it really is time to get tactical with our money. 

If you’ve reached the milestone of homeowner, the challenge of looking after your home can seem like a big one. The fact is, many of us are living in homes that are poorly insulated - most often without even realising it. No matter how high we crank up the thermostat, if the warm air floods out too easily through the walls or roof, we’re not going to feel warm and we will be wasting a lot of money. 

This is where some careful planning and thinking ahead comes in. Investing in your home’s insulation now will end up saving you money in the long run. Innovative products like SprayCork from CorkSol are making it easier for us to increase our home’s energy efficiency, but it comes with many other added benefits too. Here’s our top 5 reasons why your walls are an update worth investing in…

a large family home with white render and black windows

(Image credit: CorkSol)

1. It will save you money

SprayCork is an insulating render that can be applied to either the outside or inside of your home, and it works to prevent the warm air in your home from escaping through the walls. This means that you’ll be able to turn your heating down, so you can spend less on bills and still keep warm. Sounds like a win win?!

2. It can help protect the planet

Sustainability is high up on our agenda, and creating an energy-efficient home goes hand in hand with protecting our environment. A lot of the world’s pollution comes directly from our homes, with the gasses escaping and leaking out into the atmosphere. A sustainable surface coating such as SprayCork helps to trap the warm air in, so you can turn your heating on less, and allow less hot air to pollute the planet. 

close up of the render on a house with anthracite windows and flowers

(Image credit: CorkSol)

3. It can reduce road noise

If you live on or near a main road, the constant hum of road noise may feel like an inescapable inevitability. But, SprayCork can help to reduce this! The cork adds an extra layer of soundproofing to your home, reducing external noises for a more calming, tranquil space. 

4. It can prevent damp

Hands up if you’ve ever suffered with damp in your home. We hear you. The great thing about using cork is that, as a natural material, it is permeable. This means that it allows moisture and condensation to pass through the surface, rather than sit on the walls and create damp spots. If your walls can breathe naturally, the air you breathe in will be cleaner and fresher, creating a naturally healthier home.

exterior of modern house with lots of glazing and white render

(Image credit: CorkSol)

5. It will up your kerb appeal 

There’s no denying that it feels good to return home every day to a house that looks nice from the outside. Most of us feel a sense of pride for our homes, so a facade that’s aesthetically pleasing simply makes us feel good. Not only this, but upping your home’s kerb appeal can even add value to your property if you do come to sell it. SprayCork, when used as a render on the exterior of your home, creates a clean, crisp and fuss-free aesthetic you’ll be keen to show off.

Head to corksoluk.com to find out more, make an enquiry or to find your local approved applicator.

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