Why choose a British window and door manufacturer?

When looking to replace your windows or doors it is important to feel confident that you have chosen the right company to carry out the work.

The manufacture and installation of the windows and doors are of equal importance in ensuring you receive a high quality product.  If the manufacture is of a poor quality, the product is likely to have a shorter life and quickly deteriorate, requiring replacement.  Therefore, when deciding which timber window and door company to choose the quality of manufacturing should be one of the key factors in the decision-making process.

Similarly, if the installation is not to a high standard the product could be damaged on installation, let in draughts or not operate properly. 

Installing New Sashes into Existing Frames: The Sash Window Workshop

One of the easiest ways to ensure that you choose a company who will install high quality windows and doors is to choose a British window and door manufacturer who also employ their own installers.

Easier to communicate

Choosing a company that both manufactures and installs windows and doors means that you will only need to liaise with one company throughout the work.  This helps prevent problems arising from breakdowns in communication between the manufacturing company and installation company.

See how the product is made

A major advantage of choosing a British window and door manufacturer is that you can see the product being manufactured.  Before placing an order, ask your salesman for a tour of their workshop.  This allows you to see the quality of the product being made first hand.

When attending a tour of the workshop be sure to ask questions.  Find out why they use the materials they recommend and how the manufacturing process works.

Checking Quality Standards: The Sash Window Workshop

Greater quality control

Having the manufacturing workshop in the UK allows for greater quality control, as the product doesn’t need to be shipped to the UK.  This reduces potential for damage to occur in transit.

By having the same company manage the quality control throughout both the manufacture and installation, you can be confident that the same quality standards are being applied throughout the order.

If any issues happen to arise, which require the product to be returned to the workshop, it is a lot simpler and quicker to fix these issues if the workshop is based in the UK as opposed to being abroad.

Manufacturing a timber sash window: The Sash Window Workshop

Support British manufacturing

Finally, by buying from a UK manufacturing company you are backing local British businesses, helping create more local jobs and supporting British craftsmanship.

Useful contact

The Sash Window Workshop have been manufacturing and installing timber windows and doors across London and the South since 1994. They are proud to manufacture all their new timber windows and doors from their workshop in Bracknell, Berkshire.

The company believe that windows and doors are an important feature in any home and their goal is to ensure that they enhance both the look and value of customers’ properties.  The company therefore carry out multiple quality checks throughout the manufacturing process and regularly check the standards of their installation team.

To obtain a free, no obligation quotation, or to arrange a tour of The Sash Window Workshop, contact their team on: 01344 868 668.