You might not be heading off to Coachella, but you can be festival-ready with the latest tent

We've found this season's best-looking festival tent. All you need now is good weather and wellies...

Weekender bell tent
(Image credit: Boutique Camping)

The festival season is almost upon us – so surely it's time to be thinking about all your festival paraphernalia, including the most important item, the tent? 

Remember the good old days of lugging unwieldy and non-waterproof tents with you? Fortunately, the latest camping kit has been designed especially with festival goers in mind. 

(Image credit: Boutique Camping)

The latest addition to the growing range of festival tents is the Weekender Bell Tent from Boutique Camping. Made from lightweight polyester, it is half the weight of a traditional canvas tent at just 12 kilograms. Easy to assemble and complete with unzippable windows for ventilation, it’s perfect for summer weekends away. And, mercifully, the base is waterproof – no more soggy bottoms in the morning! It looks good, too, with a choice of bright colours or an exotic Aztec pattern

It costs £269, so if you're lending it to your teenager, make sure they know to bother bringing it back...