When Trump misspoke, sales of this toothbrush went SOARING

Trump's loss is this electric toothbrush's gain

Trump toothbrush
(Image credit: Amazon)

President Trump strikes again! Last week, the President accidentally referred to the country's weaponry as "hydrosonic" missiles rather than the correct term, "hypersonic," confusing the hard-to-kill missile with none other than our commonly used toothbrush. While mix ups can happen to, erm, anyone, the President's happened on a live broadcast. As awkward as it was for him, there was one person — or in this case, brand – that cashed in the error. And, it's this fan-favorite toothbrush brand. 

In the past week, there has been a 300 percent increase in sales for the Curapox Hydrosonic Pro Electric Toothbrush. Pretty amazing, right? Now, let's be clear: this toothbrush might not be a hard-to-kill missile, but what it is actually? It's a tough-as-nails toothbrush, one that is just as destructive when battling bacteria and getting in-between those hard-to-reach places. But how? 

Unlike traditional manual toothbrushes, it understands that we oftentimes, can't reach all those niches between our teeth and gums. As a result, we're left with more problems than solutions. Especially if you happen to have braces, implants, or sensitive gums. Users will not only have difficulty cleaning their teeth but they'll also be more susceptible to tooth decay and inflammation as well. When reaching for this electric toothbrush, it eliminates all of the above. 

Curaprox Hydrosonic Pro Electric Toothbrush l Available for $199 at Amazon

Offering up an astounding 42,000 movements (or brush strokes) per minute, it's hard-pressed to turn down this pro electric toothbrush. Factor in the three cleaning modes (start, clean, and smile) but the versatility brush heads, consider us all sold.View Deal

This easy-to-use electric toothbrush hits those interdental spaces courtesy of its hydrodynamics. It works the same whether you're running on a low battery or fully charged (which is a game-changer compared to most electric toothbrushes!) With up to 42,000 strokes per minute, users will keep their gums healthy, teeth pristine, and do so with a gentle-yet-effective brush.

 Plus, it also looks to remove biofilm bacteria, which is often missed when using traditional toothbrushes. Now, how can everyone indulge in such a deep cleaning brush? Simple: adjust the available modes.  

This brush offers up three available modes: start, clean, and smile. Each offers up 22,000, 32,000, or 42,000 movements per minute, all to carefully cater to your individual needs. In addition to that, there is also a two-week battery life!

 So whether you're religiously using it daily or throwing it in your bag for a weekend getaway, this trusty toothbrush will be your one-stop-shop for deep cleaning all day, every day.