H&M Boxing Day sale: up to 50% off! These are the best buys and discounts

H&M's sale is legendary – whether you want clothes or furnishings! We have rounded up the best bits...

H&M sale
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We are always buzzing for an H&M sale! We don’t like to pick favourites or anything, but we think H&M Home is definitely one of the best places to shop gorgeous, good quality, affordable homeware – to say nothing of all the lovely clothes. 

So, you can imagine our excitement when we saw that there is up to 50 per cent off loads of gorgeous homeware right now. We've rounded up some fab offers below (including some fashion picks because we really couldn't help ourselves) so keep scrolling...

Oh and keep coming back for more great deals in the run up to the Boxing Day sales.

H&M fashion deals 

As we said, we couldn't resist including just a few bits of fashion in our round up of the H&M sale. There is up to 50 per cent off so many gorgeous pieces, we've picked a few of our faves, but just click the deal button to shop everything available. 

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Up to 50% off womenswear (opens in new tab)
Whether you are after the perfect sparkly dress for New Year's Eve or a practical winter coat, there are lots of great pieces in the H&M sale. Our personal fave is this pile jacket (opens in new tab) which is down to just £35; yep, we're having that. 

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Up to 50% off menswear (opens in new tab)
Whether you are buying yourself a snazzy outfit for Christmas day or need a last minute gift for your SO, there is still time to order from H&M and get it in time for Christmas. Go and have a scroll and make the most of these fab discounts! 

H&M sale: bedding deals 

Hoping to pick up some new bed linen in the H&M sale? Well, you’re in luck because there are plenty of gorgeous bedding sets with money off. Here are a few of our favourites.

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Cotton satin duvet cover set | Was £49.99 now £25 (opens in new tab)
If you’re after nice cheap bedding, whether to update your own bedroom on a budget or to keep as spare for the sofa bed, this is perfect. We luuurve the silky grey – very sophisticated, plus there is a lovely white piped trim to add a traditional twist. 

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Fringe-trimmed duvet cover set |Was £29.99 now £15 (opens in new tab)
We are here for anything that is 'fringe trimmed'. This duvet set is actually really subtle, a toned down take on fringe – just a bit of texture around the edges to give a plain white duvet a bit of interest. Nice and simple. 

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Double duvet cover | Was £79.99 now £45 (opens in new tab)
This is such a great discount on some really luxurious bedding. The deep plum red is lovely and rich, perfect for this time of year, and the subtle jacquard print gives a slightly glam sheen. 

H&M sale: cushion deals 

Can you ever have too many cushions? Er, no, and definitely not when there are so many stylish and affordable designs in the H&M sale. Here’s a quick round up of our top picks...

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Velvet cushion cover | Was £17.99 now £12 (opens in new tab)
You can’t go wrong with anything that comes in lovely velvet – especially when it’s only £8 in the H&M sale. This cushion cover also comes in an equally gorgeous mustard yellow. 

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Fringed cushion cover | Was £12.99 now £9 (opens in new tab)
Fringe is a love it or hate it thing, and we’re in the former camp. This cushion is a very classy twist on the fringe trend, and ideal if you are looking for a way to introduce this 70s look into your home. 

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Velvet cushion cover | Was £6.99 now £5 (opens in new tab)
We make no apologies for including more velvet. It’s the sort of tactile and luxurious material you want in your rooms in autumn and winter, and when you can pick up such a gorgeous velvet cushion for just £9, we have to tell you about it.

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Velvet cushion cover | Was £17.99 now £12 (opens in new tab)
If you want a statement cushion, this one is as funky as they come. And for just 11 quid we think it’s a super cool bargain. Just throw it on the sofa and wait for the ‘oooh where did you get that from’ comments to start rolling in.

H&M sale: kitchenware

H&M’s kitchenware is divine. It always looks way more expensive than it really is. There are plenty of brilliant bargains in the H&M sale, from plates and glasses to mugs and funky cutlery.

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Simple silver forks | Was £12.99 now £9 (opens in new tab)
Want to up your dinner party hosting game? Treating yourself to new tableware is an easy way to do it, and you’ll be surprised how much of a difference just switching out your old cutlery for beauties like these makes to your table settings.  

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Small wooden chopping board | Was £17.99 now £12 (opens in new tab)
You know those kitchens you see on Instagram that have dozens of chopping boards leaning against the wall, looking distressed but not stained in tomato sauce? Well, you could get the look with this really affordable chopping board.

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Ceramic owl mug | Was £8.99 now £6 (opens in new tab)
We had to include this adorable mug. If it’s not your cup of char, it would make for a fab Christmas present, and we think a fiver is a bargain.

H&M sale: home accessories deals 

If you are on the look out for affordable and stylish accessories, H&M has you covered. All these pieces are in the H&M sale, too, making them even more of a bargain...

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Mini porcelain dish | Was £2.99 now £2 (opens in new tab)
A dish for your pretty things or, you know, just your contacts, your earplugs and those Primark earrings you always fall asleep wearing. 

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Porcelain toothbrush mug | Was £8.99 now £6 (opens in new tab)
To avoid gross toothbrush cross contamination, get yourself a clearly mark toothbrush put. The nice gold script makes it totally non passive aggressive.

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Small metal pot | Was £12.99 now £9 (opens in new tab)
A much nicer place to store your bobbles, bobby pins, cotton pads, contact, whatever – hide it all in this lovely gold pot.

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