GHD sale: the best offers for 2021 – from GHD, Macy's and St Regis

Shop one of these GHD sales to bag a bargain new hair tool now

GHD sale: Helios hair dryers all different colours
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Looking to shop a GHD sale? Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have been and gone, but you can still score a cheap hair tool – whether it be the best hair straightener or a hair dryer you are after – with a little help from us. We've done some shopping (at St Regis, Macy's, Amazon, Tony & Guy and more) to find the cheapest GHD deals for December. GHD hair tools make great Christmas presents, too!

What to buy right now? The GHD Helios is super cheap in both the UK and US, and the GHD Gold Styler is mega affordable in the US, too. Also, hair curlers are on sale in the UK. Don't miss out on these deals and snap up a bargain ahead of Christmas.

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GHD sale: the best offers online

The best GHD deals in the UK

Incredible offer

GHD Helios professional in white and gold | £159 £135 (save £24) at Tony & Guy
This stylish hair dryer is a lovely gift, offering 30 per cent more shine to your hair. It will give you a salon-style blow dry with anti-frizz and ionic technology. View Deal

By price: low to high

GHD Flight Gift Set | £59 £53.10 (save £5.90) at Amazon
This hair dryer gift set is on sale for just over £50. With it also comes a travel case, too – a bargain. The GHD Flight is travel-friendly (hence the name) so it folds to be packed in a suitcase with ease. It's also lightweight, it works at 65°C and it comes with a dust bag and precision nozzle.View Deal

GHD Air | £109 £99.99 (save £10) at Beauty Expert
This GHD hair dryer is powerful and boasts advance iconic technology to reduce frizz and flyaways. It comes with a concentrator nozzle and it's suitable for both left and right-handed users.View Deal

GHD Original Hair Straightener | £109 at Amazon
Boasting a rounded barrel and floating plates, the GHD Original Styler glides effortlessly through all hair types, creating beautiful everyday styles with enhanced shine. Unfortunately, this hair tool isn't on sale right now.View Deal

GHD Glide Hot Brush | £139 £111 (save £28) at Amazon
This is one of the cheapest prices we've seen the GHD Glide sell for. Great for straightening hair without causing as much damage and lifting for volume, this hot brush is super easy to use and it eliminates frizz in seconds.View Deal

GHD Curve Soft Curl Tong | £129 £114 (save £15) at St Regis
This GHD curling tong is one of the best you can buy. It clamps your hair around its 32mm barrel, leaving you with super bouncy curls. Also, its tri-zone barrel ensures the optimum temperature is delivered constantly, while it has a cool tip and a safety stand for easy use.View Deal

GHD Classic Wave Wand| £129 £114 (save £15) at GHD
Want a waving wand for a cheap price? Check out this saving from St Regis. It has an oval barrel as opposed to a rounded one which creates more of a bend and wave than a curl. Think Hollywood waves...View Deal

GHD Creative Curl Wand | £129 £114 (save £15) at St Regis
Create elegant curls and waves with this creative curl wand from GHD. It heats up in just 25 seconds!View Deal

GHD Mini Gold styler | £119 at GHD
Great for those with short or thin hair, the very lightweight GHD Mini has a rounded barrel for easy styling, it boasts a 2.7m swivel cord and it heats up in only 25 seconds. Small but powerful.View Deal

GHD Gold Styler hair straightener | £149 at Look Fantastic
The dual-zone technology used for this professional styler from GHD maintains and regulates an optimum heat from root to tip so you can protect your hair from damage while making it look fabulous! Takes 25 seconds to heat up and will turn itself off after 30 mins. What's not to love?View Deal

GHD Max Styler | £149 at Amazon
The GHD max is better suited to those with thick, long hair as its wide plates make a quicker time of large jobs. It also features a rounded barrel to make curling a breeze, and it heats up in 30 seconds and comes with a protective plate guard.View Deal

GHD platinum+ black styler | Out of stock a GHD
This styler has 10 per cent off right now – since it's the newest GHD hair straightener, we're rather shocked by this. It's sleek black, features a button operation and the best part is that it recognises each section of hair and adapts temperatures to ensure 185ºC is consistent across the two plates. You can also get them customized if you like!View Deal

The best GHD deals in the US

Incredible offer

GHD Gold Black Performance Styler Flat Iron | $199 $110 (save $89) at Walmart
The GHD Gold styler is on sale with a huge amount off. It has an optimum styling temperature of 365ºF, an auto shut-off mode to turn the styler off after 30 minutes of inactivity and these straighteners heat up in 30 seconds.View Deal

By price: low to high

GHD Flight Hair Dryer | $99 $70.30 (save $28.70) at Walmart
Frequently on vacation? This GHD travel hair dryer folds up to fit in your luggage and it's on sale right now. View Deal

GHD Original Hair Straightener | $149 $96.06 (save $52.94) at Walmart
The GHD Original Styler is one of the best GHD stylers you can buy as it glides effortlessly through all hair types, creating beautiful everyday styles with enhanced shine. Right now, it's a bargain.View Deal

GHD Electric Pink Gold Styler Flat Iron | $199 $101.78 (save $97.22) at Walmart
GHD Mini Styler Professional Ceramic Hair Straightener
Again, the pop of color gives these GHDs that unique stamp, perfect as a Christmas present. Suitable for straightening and curling, why not snap these up while you can?View Deal

GHD Gold Styler | $199 $117.77 (save $81.23) at Walmart
The GHD gold features dual-zone technology to regulate an optimum heat from root to tip so you can protect your hair from damage while making it look fabulous! It takes just 25 seconds to heat up and will turn itself off after 30 mins. What's not to love?View Deal

GHD contour® professional crimper | $169 $118.30 (save $50.70) at GHD
On sale with $50 off at Amazon, this crimper is super easy to use and it works at 365°F. It heats up in 30 seconds, it has a round barrel and it automatically turns off if left on.View Deal

GHD Glide Hot Brush | $169 $135.20 (save $33.80) at GHD
Style and straighten with ease with this hot brush. It will tame flyaways and smooth frizz for silky locks and a volume boost.View Deal

GHD Platinum+ White Professional Styler Flat Iron | $249 $167.50 (save $81.50) at Walmart
This flat iron hair styler uses revolutionary tri-zone technology and operates at the optimum heat of 365°F. This heat is maintained from root to tip so you don't need to worry about damage like you do with an ordinary straightener.View Deal

GHD Helios Hair Dryer | $249 $178.75 (save $70.25) at Macy's
The GHD Helios is their newest hair dryer, and it's on sale with more than $70 off. It dries your hair super fast, while it has a range of temperature and speed settings to choose from. It also comes in lots of colors, and a contoured nozzle comes included in the box.View Deal

GHD Professional Hair Styler, Arctic Gold | $249 $199 (save $50) at Walmart
We really love these GHDs because of the color. Plus, the styler functions as both a straightener and a curler thanks to its contoured plates. This is perhaps the best deal we've seen as it's almost 30 percent off and comes with a roll bag and heat mat. View Deal

GHD deals by product

Want to browse all GHD products and compare the today's best prices on various models? Not sure if you want a styler or curling wand? Our clever pricing widgets ensures you get the best deal, so check out all the latest deals below and choose based on price and model.

GHD straighteners

GHD call their straighteners 'stylers'. This is because they are not just for making your hair silky sleek, but can also be twisted, rolled and turned to create all manner of curls and waves. They come in a number of sizes from mini to max. Mini are great for short hair and for creating small curls. Most people will find the professional styler is the best all rounder. Wide enough for straightening most hair lengths and types in a jiffy, but narrow enough for using as a curler. GHD Max Stylers are wider and will get through thick, long hair with ease.

GHD curling wands

We love the GHD Curve Classic Wave Wand. It has a cool tip to help you perfect beachy or vintage waves in no time and it made it to second place on our list of the best hair curlers.

For curls, ringlets or barrel waves, give one of their curling tongs or wands a go. The tongs grip the hair for easier styling, but the wands give you a greater range of movement for more versatility and more styles.

GHD hairdryers and hot brushes

A good hair dryer will speed up your hair styling routine after a shower. A Good Hair Days (that's GHD you me and you) hair dryer will do it in a way that reduces heat damage and static flyaways. There's a reason GHD feature twice on our list of the best hair dryers. See the best deals on GHD hair dryers and hot brushes below.

GHD gift sets

Buying a present for someone? Maybe it's your partner, or your mum – maybe your sister? Whoever it is, why not buy them a GHD gift set? We've found the most affordable sets below from top UK retailers. Sets span everything from hair dryers with cases to a styler AND curling wand.

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