Mojito recipe: how to make our favourite Cuban cocktail at home

We can't give you an all inclusive in Havana, but this mojito recipe on a sunny day is a pretty good substitute right now

The Bottle Club Captain Morgan Mojito recipe
(Image credit: The Bottle Club)

Looking for a mojito recipe to match – or better – the ones you wish you were sipping abroad right now? Well that is just what we have here, one of our favourite cocktail recipes and an easy one to learn to make at home. 

We love a mojito – they are so refreshing on a warm day. And they have just the right level of sweetness for anyone who loves a long drinkable cocktail, but doesn't want their bevvy to taste like the top row of the optics mixed with the top row of the pick 'n' mix counter. Based on white rum, the Cuban drink includes zesty lime and zingy mint, with a little bit of sugar syrup. It is served over ice in a hi-ball glass and topped up with soda water. Once you master this basic mojito recipe, you can adapt to taste with fruit syrups and liqueurs to create any flavour mojito you like (we have included a couple of ideas below).

Here, The Bottle Club – experts in bringing the best of your local bar into your home – have shared their top mojito recipe with us for you all to try at home. So pop on your flip flops, find a good mambo playlist on Spotify and transport yourself to Havana with a long, cool mojito in your own garden.

How to make a mojito

Mojito ingredients:


1. Clap the mint leaves in your palms to release the aromas, and place in the bottom of a tall glass.

2. Slice your lime into pieces and place on top of the mint.

3. Add the sugar syrup on top of the mint and lime.

4. Muddle gently to release the lime juices.

5. Fill your glass 3/4 full with crushed ice (important to use crushed ice at it is easier to mix to ensure maximum flavour).

6. Pour in the white rum and top up with soda water. Stir well.

7. Top up with more crushed ice and garnish with a sprig of mint.

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Mojito recipe upgrades

Feeling fancy? Upgrade your mojito with a shot of passionfruit liqueur and halve the sugar syrup for a fruity alternative. Garnish with half a fresh passionfruit.

Or, add 45ml of Cîroc Pineapple and crushed pineapple cubes for a tangy pineapple mojito.

You can also muddle in raspberries which pair really well with the mint. We also like the addition of blueberries or any other summer fruits.

How to make your own sugar syrup

If you don't have sugar syrup, it is really easy to make your own. Simply dissolve 200g of white caster sugar in 100ml of water, in a pan over a low heat. Once dissolved allow to cool a little, before bottling. This can be stored in the fridge and used in a number of your favourite cocktails.

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