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SILVERWOOD shutters ltd is a truly independent company so they're free to pick the best products to offer you. From a distance (usually from the outside) it’s difficult to determine how good shutters really are. Like any product there are different qualities of shutter and varying materials to choose from. Good design and making an informed decision are part of the service as well as the how well the shutters are measured and fitted.

Their entry range shutters are made from MDF with a vinyl wrap, they’re impact resistant as MDF is wood fibre but this does make them very heavy so they’re not suitable for tier on tier, multi-folding or big windows. Like chip board MDF absorbs moisture and fails in wet, damp, or moist conditions so it’s not suitable for original single glazed windows for example.

SILVERWOOD Shutter's most popular choice is for hardwood shutters that are ecologically friendly grown from managed sustainable plantations. Real wood is lighter than MDF so it’s well suited to tier on tier and multi-folding panels as well as original single glazed windows.

Their top of the range hardwood shutters are made from Indonesian Teak which is grown from managed sustainable plantations and are ecologically friendly.

We also offer a fully waterproof shutter that is suitable for bathrooms.

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