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Each individual slate is hand crafted using moulds taken from stone slate originals. As with natural stone, shades vary with no two slates being identical. This combined with the surface detail and hand colouring ensures a truly authentic roofscape. Greys Artstone roofing slates have been designed in consultation with professional roofers and architects, to achieve an easy to lay slating format, resulting in a coursed and diminishing stone slate roof.

Greys Artstone Roofing Slates are constructed from glass reinforced cement producing a strong and durable slate weighing only 75kgm2.

Their construction allows them to be cut easily without cracking or breaking and looks like stone when cut. The main advantages being considerable savings on labour and roof timbers, approximately 15%.

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Our slates are designed to give a random diminished course roofscape. A wide range of sizes ensure the roof can be laid using a random diminishing course technique providing greater weather protection and an authentic look.

The light weight construction of our slates saves on labour and timber costs, approximately 15% with our stone products. In real terms that means 16m2 of our slates per ton compared to 7m2 per ton of natural stone slates.

Our stone slates are constructed from Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC). Construction allows easy cutting without cracking or breaking. Our stone slates weather like natural stone not concrete, unlike aggregate based concrete products that can show aggregate through their surface due to weathering over time.In a recent document The International Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete Association recommend that for good quality GRC, ductile lifetimes of at least 60-80 years can be confidently expected in UK weather conditions (Source:

Our roofing products conform to the following BSi Standards ensuring maximum performance in the toughest conditions.

We’re confident our product is durable enough and manufactured to the highest of standards that we give a 25 year manufacturer guarantee.

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