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Spiral staircases are designed to rotate around a central column or pole as they rise creating a complete circle, the stair diameter. This makes them a versatile, often space saving, addition to a home as they do not need to be fixed to a wall.

All Spiral UK’s spiral stairs are fabricated in mild steel with a variety of material options for the treads, balustrade and handrail.

Popular contemporary spiral staircase materials for the treads are stone, concrete and timber.  You can choose between open or closed risers (the near vertical spaces between one step and the next) designs.

Balustrade is equally varied with choices including parapet styles, balusters, glass or full height steel in a range of colours.

Handrails are specially curved to the dimensions of the stair and are common in satin polished stainless steel or timber, there is also the option to wrap the handrails in materials like rope or leather.

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