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Spiral UK’s bespoke floating stairs can create a real wow factor by combining all the best elements of contemporary staircase design

With a cantilever or floating staircase design, the treads are mounted on a metal structure built into the wall and hidden from view with the rise between the treads open. The stairs appear to be ‘floating’ as a result, with no visible means of support.

At Spiral UK the supporting structure for floating stairs is usually made from mild steel, but the materials for the stairs themselves offers many possibilities. The treads can be produced using boxed or solid timber, steel, natural stone, concrete or toughened glass. These can be shaped or finished in a range of elegant styles.

Handrails for floating stairs can be designed in steel, wood, glass or clad in leather. People often choose a combination of glass and steel for the balustrade, so that the floating stairs effect is clearly visible and creates an impressive showpiece for the home.

Spiral UK are always happy to discuss design options so they can ensure the approach is appropriate for your needs. Find out more at:

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