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You can discover all of the Rose & Grey home accessories here.

Finishing touches make all the difference and without these our homes would be incomplete. Whether you are looking for a vibrant touch, to add some glamour or to simply give your home an update without breaking the budget Rose and Grey contemporary and vintage home accessories allow you to do just this.

Hanging hooks up throughout the home allow you to create a clutter-free space and they also add a decorative style that is well thought out. Hang in the children's rooms, kitchen and hallway for maximum impact! Create the best first impressions you can with a stylish rugs and mats.

Patterned, textured or colourful cushions are brilliant home accessories that add either contrasting or complementary style to a room. They allow us to really portray our character, since our homes often tend to reflect our personalities. They are such a versatile home accessory that can update a sofa, armchair or stool, or dress a bed, in an instant!

Add a variety of retro household styles and furnishings to create the ultimate WOW factor that catches the eye of every visitor to your house.

Candleholders allow us to set a mood, whether it be romantic, glamorous or relaxed. Scatter your candleholders throughout the home, any room could benefit from these vintage home accessories and can transform a room with the strike of a match.

Rose and Grey vintage furnishings really stand out from the crowd. So if you're keen to buy a gift, lift your home or add a unique personal touch, Rose and Grey has a great collection of interior accessories to tempt you.

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