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Ever since its introduction to commercial markets in the 1980s, memory foam has been the material of choice for making extraordinarily comfortable mattresses that offer the perfect combination of support and responsiveness. Memory foam mattresses are among the most popular products they sell at BedSOS.

If you have never experienced sleeping on memory foam before, they can assure you it is unlike any other sleep experience. Memory foam remains very firm and supportive at room temperature yet readily conforms to the shape, size and weight of your body as you lie down. The heat your body provides gives the material just enough flexibility to conform perfectly to you. And when you rise in the morning, the foam returns to its original shape.

Many people experiencing back pain and other physical problems find memory foam much more comfortable for sleeping. If you are not getting along with your sprung mattress, perhaps it is time to consider a memory foam replacement. BedSOS offers a full selection of memory foam mattresses at affordable prices. Their mattresses come with a 14-day return and free shipping.

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