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Lavender plants are fragrant, evergreen and iconic – and ideal for Mediterranean or European style parterres; edging for borders or islands or as specimen plants in pots, tubs or raised beds. Many different varieties are available, but some of the best known are prone to rotting and may therefore succumb to a wet winter. Which is why we grow hardier alternatives that are no less attractive but much better equipped to survive the vagaries of our climate. Our lavenders have green to silvery-grey aromatic foliage and produce masses of beautifully scented flowers in colours from light to deep blue; from purple to pink through to a pure, delicate white.

Between them, our carefully chosen varieties offer a flowering season that can extend from late April to September – please see the chart above. Lavenders attract bees, butterflies and insects – which in turn draw wild birds. They are drought-tolerant and are happy to seek out moisture – they do not appreciate being waterlogged. Lavender plants are easy to prune to create squared-off or softer shapes. Alternatively, they can be left to grow more informally.

The lavender is also exceptionally useful – its oil is highly prized; both fresh and dried flowers and leaves can be used in cooking and dried buds can be stripped and used in potpourri or sachets to fragrance clothes, linen and bedding.

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