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Q-Shades decking by Hoppings Quality Decking is softwood decking pre-stained with a translucent rustic colour wash finish, prior to TANALITH preservative treatment. The result is stylish shades that allow the beauty of the wood grain to show through with an assured long term preservative protection built-in – the products come with a 15-year performance warranty.

The pigment based colour system is durable compared to other treatment colour systems and maintains the natural organic appeal of timber. Depending upon the location, UV exposure and whether the product is being used horizontally or vertically expect the shades to remain effective for 2 to 5 years respectively.

Choose the grooved or smooth face of Q-Shades reversible Canterbury Decking in Pebble Grey and Autumn Brown shades. Pebble Grey provides a stylish contemporary look with the advantage of colour longevity and more consistent weathering compared to un-finished timber decking. Autumn starts out a deep dark brown that mellows with time, which at a fraction of the cost, is a good value alternative to tropical hardwood decking.

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