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British Ironmongery have one of the largest selections of British made door knobs, handcrafted by some of the best ironmongery manufacturers in the UK and cast in solid brass or bronze. These door knobs are available in a variety of styles including traditional styles such as Tudor, Victorian,Georgian, Art Deco and even specialist styles such as Louis XIV and XV. Choose from either period door knobs (available in finishes such as solid bronze, black iron and antique brass) or more contemporary door knobs (in finishes such as polished and satin chrome or nickel).

The full range of finishes available are:

Brass Finishes -

Polished Brass (Lacquered & Unlacquered) - Satin Brass (Lacquered & Unlacquered) - Aged Brass - Antique Brass - Distressed Antique Brass - Marbled Brass

Chrome Finishes

Polished Chrome - Satin Chrome

Nickel Finishes

Polished Nickel - Satin Nickel - Pearl Nickel - Black Nickel - Antique Nickel - Distressed Antique Nickel

Bronze Finishes

Imitation Bronze - Dark Bronze - Oil Rubbed Bronze - Distressed Oil Rubbed Bronze - Real Sandcast Bronze

Antique Bronze - Polished Bronze (Gunmetal) - Tudor Bronze

Other Metals

Wrought Iron - Pewter

Door knobs are available in a range of different styles, to suit any style of décor. Choose a different backplate for your handles, to suit different types of lock:

Knob on Plate - Door knobs mounted on a plate (to work in conjunction with a mortice sashlock)

Knob on Round Rose - Door knobs mounted on a round plate

Knob on Square Rose - Door knobs mounted on a square plate

Knob on Covered Rose - Mounted on a rose, with the screws covered

Knobs for Rim Furniture - Door knobs with a rose one side and none the other, to suit rim locks

Glass Door Knobs - Handcrafted, British made glass door knobs

Wooden Knobs - Hardwood door knobs

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