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Smooth to open and beautiful to the touch, the Timber Windows range of casement windows provide an appearance that can only be achieved with genuine timber.

With a wide range of designs available, we are confident that you will find the perfect casement windows for your home – whether you are after a traditional look or something sharper and more contemporary.

Warm, quiet and secure, with timber guaranteed for decades, our casement windows incorporate a host of technical innovations for absolute peace of mind. 

By working with homeowners, we ensure that our window designs suit the character, age and construction of their homes – tailoring proportions, sightlines and paint colour to suit.  Our lovely casement windows are available hand-finished in hundreds of traditional shades and timber stains and may be fitted with a choice of traditional ironmongery or the delightful fittings from our Samuel Heath range. Our range of beautiful casement windows include the following styles:

Flush – closing into the frame and giving a flush finish across the face of the window, this simple yet elegant design can be found in most mediaeval buildings, cottages and houses of all periods.

Lipped/Stormproof – with a casement that slightly overlaps the face of the fame when closed, this design may offer additional protection against the elements in areas of extreme exposure and are the most widely used window design in England.

Deco – specially designed are added to the front face of the window, which allow the opening sashes to appear recessed within the frame. An important detail common to the inter-war period of the 1930’s, the stepping back of the sashes provides a degree of modelling to the façade of the urban homes. 

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