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Indulge in sensory delight with a bed that is adorned with Beaumont & Brown’s exceptional bed linen and truly know what it is to sleep deeply. Made from the finest 400 thread count cotton that has been spun from superfine yarns by our team of experts, even the most discerning of cotton connoisseurs is sure to be impressed. Originally designed to be supplied to some of the world’s finest 5* hotels, Beaumount & Brown’s linen combines exemplary comfort and understated elegance- perfect for those who savour the finer things in life.

For lovers of simplicity, Beaumount & Brown’s White and Latte ranges offer a minimalist aesthetic that is both stylish and versatile. If you prefer something equally elegant but a little different, their Grey and Latte Cross Border ranges combine beautifully soft white cotton with a shimmering, single row trim that will ensure your bed has that little extra special something. If monochrome is your thing, why not try their 3 Row Border Range- which features an intricate triple row border in black or white. Alternatively, add a pop of colour with our Aqua Cord Range made from a trio of tropical blues, it evokes memories of a balmy summer’s evening all year round.

Beaumount & Brown understand that a dream bed is a blend of style and substance, so whether you prefer a basic duvet and pillow set up or have a carefully crafted mixture of pillows and covers, their bed linen reflects your style. Our sheets are available in fitted or flat and are a standard depth of 32cm, however, extra depth sheets are available and for those who need them they can make bespoke valances to order-just let Beaumount & Brown know! Their pillowcases are available in three sizes- standard, king and continental square with their plain 400tc ranges offering a choice of Oxford edge and Housewife styles.

With 12 years of expertise behind them and a production process that is closely monitored from thread to your bed by our knowledgeable team, Beaumount & Brown are proud to bring you linen that is as truly individual as their customers.

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