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Vectaire’s residential fans are part of a continuing commitment to the development of low carbon, low energy, high performance products, reducing both energy consumption and cost.

The “Elegance”, “Elix”, "E-Smile" and "ECO" are continuous running, stylishly designed 3 speed fans. The Elegance and Elix have EC motors for energy saving high efficiency operation and allow air extraction around the whole perimeter. The E-Smile and ECO are also high performance, low carbon fans. The Elix, E-Smile and ECO are axial fans, whilst the Elix is a centrifugal fan for those installations where a longer length of ducting is required.

The trickle speed of the fans is set (from a choice of two depending where sited) at installation, and almost silently ensures continuing extraction for the removal of odours and moisture. The capacity at which the fan operates can be boosted by the user as required – or automatically various remote switches. The fans are splashproof to IPX4. Models are available with integral delay timers and humidistats giving the user two minutes to stop the fan going into boost mode (particularly useful during the night). SELV versions are available.

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