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The ECO Range Cooker Company design, manufacture, sell direct & install efficient, low running cost ‘aga’ style range cookers, in the UK & world wide.

Like the red telephone box and the mini, the cast iron range stove is a British design icon. A range stove effortlessly cooks food to perfection, sealing in juices and flavour’s beautifully, while also performing the functions of a hob, kettle and toaster. This is an appliance which excels at its primary function, and goes far, far beyond it. An ‘aga’ style range cookers has a presence which isn’t only seen but felt.

They are a symbol of the traditional country idyll; heating even the largest kitchens, creating a place for the family to congregate and forming a comforting kitchen focal point. These are just some of the reasons a shiny ‘aga’ style wood burning cooker, or wood pellet cooker is the first choice in so many homes. They are found in nearly every big country kitchen, as well as urban locations which benefit from the homely and warm atmosphere they create. If they’re good enough for number 10 Downing Street, who are we to argue?

Proud to exhibit at the Homebuilding & Renovating Shows.