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The Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT)

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Telephone: 020 7278 2206
Location: London & South East, Greater London, All UK & Northern Ireland

Chartered Architectural Technologists, CIAT, who specialise in the science and technology of architecture can lead and work on any project from inception through to completion.

The directory of Practices can be searched on the website to find a member near you.

CIAT is a membership based organisation, CIAT is owned by and operated on behalf of its members with a growing network of members who are based around the globe. This network is open to all members creating a huge resource and knowledge base.

The Institute has its own Royal Charter and under this Charter the objects are:

  1. to promote, for the benefit of society, the science and practice of Architectural Technology;
  2. to facilitate the development and integration of technology into architecture and the wider construction industry to continually improve standards of service for the benefit of industry and of society;
  3. to uphold and advance the standards of education, competence, practice and conduct of members of the Institute thereby promoting the interests, standing and recognition of Chartered Members within the industry and the wider society.
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