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Email: support@sovchem.co.uk
Website: http://www.sovchem.co.uk/
Location: All UK & Northern Ireland

For over 50 years, Sovereign has worked hard to cultivate its current status as a highly respected player in the world of chemical products for the building and construction industry. A status that, they believe,they are fully deserving of, that has been duly earned over five decades of high quality work.

Put simply, Sovereign are problem-solvers. Specialising in resolving damp, condensation and timber decay, they provide an extensive range of chemical products, manufactured only to their exacting standards at the Barrow-in Furness site. Sovereign also provide an unmatched specifications and technical service. Need to damp proof your walls ahead of a particularly miserable month? Sovereign have got you covered. What about basement waterproofing? That too. Sovereign should be your first thought when it comes to chemical products for construction. After all, they are the Queen’s.

Sovereign were fortunate enough to be the recipient of a Royal Warrant in 1987, which acknowledges the excellence of products and services used by the Royal Household. It takes at least five years of continually superb service to even become eligible to apply for the award, which demonstrates just how hard-earned a Royal Warrant is.

Their status as a British Standards Registered Firm is further evidence of Sovereign's competence. It is one of the highest accolades a business in our industry can possibly hope to achieve. Their status as the first company in the damp-proofing field to receive such an accolade marks us as industry leaders. So you can rest assured that Sovereign know what they are talking about.

As part of their commitment to providing an unrivalled service, Sovereign are determined to continually progress and develop. For that reason, they are always keen to hear any queries or complaints you may have, so do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team.