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Let More Originality In With Portfolio.

Leading the way, Portfolio relies on trend driven design, British manufacturing and innovative veneer technology; hand crafted by the internationally renowned Italian veneer makers, Alpi. Portfolio boasts a diverse variety of real veneers with consistent grain and colour to give Portfolio’s elite door collection the superior edge.

With four collections; Contemporary, Classic, Exotic and Natural to choose from, Portfolio’s relaunch means key sizes are now on a reduced lead time, a new design; Sand Vertical, can now be ordered and the simple yet classic look of Portfolio can be seen across the website, social media platforms and literature; including the new product guide and matrix of stock availability to name but a few – but how and why did this revamp take place?

Originating from an ambitious idea to present doors as an essential piece of furniture rather than a simple necessity, Portfolio is to be welcomed as a lifestyle choice.

Inspired by the wild, seductive shades of Exotic, the warm, tranquil tones of Natural, the definitive, sleek lines of Contemporary and the traditional, elegant textures of Classic? – Portfolio uses innovative veneer technology to produce beauteous aesthetics with effortless versatility to become the ultimate market leader.

Bold design ambitions can be realised through the striking accents and fiery colour palette of Portfolio’s Ebony or Wenge, helping to set an exotic undertone to complement the bright, soft furnishings, gold fixtures and luxuriant, tropical features of dream spaces.

As the largest collection, Contemporary idealises all things modern. From the eye catching contrast of the Black and Light Grey Two Stile to the relaxing, coffee and cream shades of Mocha, this collection holds modernity as the key driver whilst emanating warm, homely undertones, making Contemporary suitable for any home, professional board room or chic apartment building.

With 20 different variants, each door seamlessly combines a balance of originality and suitability for any preferred environment – whichever trends are followed, Portfolio defines the space.