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Telephone: 01285 885 336
Location: All UK & Northern Ireland

Parlour Farm do understand that with the complexities of modern life it is not always possible to meet in person, they regularly work on projects across the entire UK and have clients in Spain, France and Ireland. That’s why Parlour Farm have an expert Customer Support Team who are always on hand to answer any questions you have and can send any information you need by email or post.

Ordering your bespoke kitchen

With the Parlour Farm bespoke service, they understand that every price and order will be different. Parlour Farm will be able to confirm the kitchen order with the payment of a booking fee, this is will be decided from the overall cost of the kitchen and it secures a space in the manufacturing schedule with a specific date for your fitting.

When working towards an installation date, communication and transparency are vital, that’s why they issue a detailed time schedule for the project directly to you and your family that highlights key milestones and important dates of your project – so you are always aware of any action or decision that is required by either party and at any stage of the project.

Supply Only

Parlour Farm offer a personal ‘supply only’ option, should you choose to fit your kitchen personally or with a private contractor. As with their complete kitchen installation options, Parlour Farm will provide you with a manufacturing schedule and organise a delivery date for your handmade kitchen and added fixtures and fittings to be sent directly to you. After the delivery, the responsibility of measurements and technical design will lie with you or your chosen contractor.


Parlour Farm believe in value for money, they are renowned for competitive pricing and their costs are calculated according to every individual design, including the complexity of units, manufacture time and materials. Before beginning the design process they will always discuss your budget to ensure all these features are incorporated. It’s no good having a budget that Parlour Farm cannot design to, or an idea that is way over your budget.

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