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Fisher & Paykel have been proudly designed in New Zealand since 1934.

Human-centred design is at the heart of who we are and what we create. 

Appliances that have been redefined by understanding the life lived around them.


We aspire to be the most human centred appliance brand in the world


We are real – we create products that are for real people living real lives. Our appliances embody this approach, designed to be adaptable, functional, beautiful and of high quality.


Our design DNA is contemporary and unique.

For us, design is about making life that little bit better. 

It’s about turning chores into beautiful experiences, ingredients into cuisine, and the routines of daily life into rituals that deliver pleasure. 

Our appliances are designed to fit the way you live your life. To fit beautifully into the home through their modular, flexible and purposeful design.  To fit seamlessly into the style of your home with five distinct aesthetics tailored to achieve every personal design style.


An appliance cannot just look great, it must deliver the perfect results every time.

Be it a leg of lamb cooked to perfection, or wool garments washed with absolute respect for the fabric.  Every appliance, every feature, and every detail has a purpose in delivering the perfect results – nothing is superfluous or accidental. Not just features, but by deeply understanding what each appliance must do.


When you walk up and touch it, that first touch has to bring that sense of beauty to life. It has to respond in the way that you expected it to.  When you use it, it has to delight you, it has to surprise you.  It has to deliver more than you expected.  Beautiful to Use is that experience brought to life. It is the soft close on an oven door or refrigerator bin, the touch and tactile response of a stainless steel dial that has been expertly machined; excellent ergonomics that bring an emotive response with every use. These are deep experiences that you feel when you use a Fisher & Paykel appliance.


An appliance that is built to last is not one that simply achieves longevity.   It is an appliance that maintains the highest standards of quality in terms of its materiality, the results it delivers, and the experience you have when using it.  Delivering on this promise of a premium experience for the long-term is essential. From rigorous testing to the use of the finest materials and componentry, Fisher & Paykel products are always built to last.


Our business has a deep respect for the planet in every facet of our operations, and nowhere is that more important than in our appliances. We are always focused on improving, on creating new products that reduce environmental impacts. Our products use less water, are more energy efficient, they conserve detergent. They preserve food longer to reduce waste, and are gentler on clothes so that they last longer.  

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