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Cre8a pods have many uses for all seasons! Stylish and modern accommodation units, business premises and garden rooms. Designed and handcrafted to suit YOUR requirements and reflect your personal taste.

Their garden rooms include integral electrics, infrared panel heating, external and internal cladding, two windows and a patio or double-door.

You can choose to upgrade your garden room by adding a bi-folding door or decking and balustrade.

You can choose to have one room or to have a divider to create another room or a bathroom pod.

They create your vision; you choose where to have the windows, doors, which external and internal cladding, the solid wood flooring and where to place the electrics.

With over 244 external cladding colours to choose from you can add your personal touch to your garden room. No plastering or painting is needed internally or externally. They use cladding panels and clicwall to make life a little bit easier!

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What makes Cre8a Garden Rooms different? 

Their Garden Rooms are highly insulated; keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter with their roof system.

No plastering or painting which means no cracks or waiting for it to dry.

Low maintenance

Natural Looking

Wide range of colours

Infrared panel heater

Planning permission may not be required

External and internal cladding

No exterior woodwork to rot or to be treated

Solid wood flooring

100% recyclable materials

10 year build guarantee

Fully insulated to current building regulations

Cre8a cladding is used on their garden rooms, a Fundermax exterior cladding, which is very decorative, colourful and an expressive range of wood finishes, stone, patinas or just wonderful colours of your choice.

Cre8a Cladding is high-quality that are duromer high-pressure laminates (HPL). Produced in laminate presses under high pressure at high temperature. It is dependable and distinctive which offers extremely effective weather protection. It has a unique rain screen façade which features a double hardened acrylic polyurethane resin which creates a powerful weather protective coating.

Cre8a Cladding can be used on the garden rooms or as external or internal cladding for buildings and rooms to create a modern look.

Cre8a Extension is an alternative to brick extension. A quick and clean solution to help extend your home. Fully building regulated, Document Q and BSI Kitemark accredited. They take the back of Cre8a Pod and attach it to your house to make a brand new room. Instead of having it at the bottom of your garden attach it to the back of your home for quick and easy access. Planning permission may not be required!

A great new way to extend your home that not only looks fantastic but has a 10 years guarantee as well.

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