Working from home: the 10-minute mindfulness routine you need to try

If working from home is making you anxious, then give this simple 10-minute mindfulness exercise a go to make your day calmer and more productive

working from home: mindfulness exercise
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Mindfulness is essential to us all during these strange times. And if working from home is proving challenging, there are things you can do to help your mental health, that don't cost any money and require no more than 10 minutes of your time. 

While there are lots of ways to deal with anxiety, mindfulness stands on its own as a useful practice for everyone. It is helpful for those whose anxiety is chronic, but is equally helpful for people who are finding working from home stressful or boring – or both. 

Read on to find out more about a simple 10-minute exercise that can transform your home-working routine. 

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What is mindfulness and who is it for?

There is no exact definition of mindfulness, and different practitioners may choose to use different words to describe it, but broadly, it's the practice of paying attention to or being present in the present moment. 

Mindfulness can be practised for anyone, anywhere: it's not affiliated to a religion or spiritual doctrine (although it borrows some concepts from Buddhism), and can be a useful alternative to traditional forms of talking therapy for people who don't respond well to therapy sessions.

Mindfulness is also now widely used to reduce work-related stress because it requires little time on a daily basis. 

10-minute mindfulness exercise

This mindfulness exercise has been developed by and is narrated by Professor Mark Williams. It is 10 minutes long and involves a variety of common mindfulness techniques such as focusing on breath work and visualisations techniques that allow you to become more fully aware and present. Use this exercise either at the start or the end of your working day to improve focus and wellbeing. 

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